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Call of the Wilde: Montreal Canadiens shut out the Vancouver Canucks – Montreal



After a successful 4-2 road trip, the Montreal Canadiens returned home to the Bell Centre with Carey Price back in the lineup, having recovered from what has been described as an irritating lower-body injury. The Habs also had another couple of lineup changes as Joel Armia returned and Andrew Shaw was out with a neck injury. Shaw is going through concussion protocols, so the worries continue on that vital front for him. The Habs tried to take advantage of the fact that the Vancouver Canucks had to play the previous night, winning in overtime in Ottawa.

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Wilde Horses

  • It’s the best hockey that Jeff Petry has played since he became a Canadiens player. The new NHL style is perfectly suited for him. Petry looks more like a rover than a defenceman these days. This modern new game for defenders is fascinating to watch. For Petry, it means he can join the rush whenever he wants. There was one shift in the first period where Petry led the rush, then manoeuvred around the offensive zone like he was Bobby Orr. He then took a shot and, without the puck, continued to skate large circles around the offensive zone. It was remarkable to watch. At no point did Petry think he had to go back to the point. The forward who was covering for him didn’t try to leave the point, either. It’s so compelling to watch this new hockey play out in so many different ways. Petry is best at it, but there are many surprises. Jordie Benn joins the rush. Shea Weber has been seen in front of the net waiting for a rebound. Mike Reilly is freestyling like it’s 1989. This is not Devils hockey circa boring start to finish. This is an entirely new game of hockey and the Habs are as innovative at it as any team in the league right now. Everyone has the green light when they have a chance. Petry seems to see a chance every time he has the puck. What a joy this must be for the smooth-skating Petry to be able to use his wheels like this, allowing him to be the best he can be. It’s fun to watch as well. What a credit to this new coaching staff as a group to embrace this.

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  • You can probably count the number of times on one hand this entire season that Jesperi Kotkaniemi has actually looked at the player he is passing to. He is the master of deception. He is always dummying the defender. It’s remarkable to watch. On the Habs’ goal in the first period, he made a low-percentage pass through the Canucks defender that would be picked off 90 times out of 100. But on this occasion it was Kotkaniemi looking like he was going to pass it elsewhere and just that brief moment of duplicity confused the Vancouver defender. This allowed the pass to get to target Jordie Benn and he wired the shot home from the point for the 1-0 lead. It is a small thing, but these small things are everything in the NHL when doing the predictable is usually stopped by these intelligent upper-echelon players. Another aspect of Kotkaniemi’s game that is minor but highly developed is his ability to saucer pass. He has the smarts to know that a pass on the ice won’t make it to target. Kotkaniemi lifts it off the ice where it’s hard to defend and lands it right at his winger’s stick nearly every time. His vision is immaculate. His intelligence is off the charts. With the assist, this 18-year-old has totalled 19 points in 41 games. He is on pace for 38 points in the NHL while the draft pick the experts expected the Habs to take, Filip Zadina, had one assist in five disappointing games for the Czech Republic at the world juniors. That’s a stunning difference in career progression for the two in just five months. Zadina may be regressing while Kotkaniemi seems to develop something new and important to his skill set every five games. The future may be different, but today sure looks like one has much brighter tomorrows than the other.

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  • The Habs’ top line was doing so very little halfway through the contest. Jonathan Drouin maybe had the puck on his stick three or four times. Suddenly, it’s one tiny opening. Max Domi gets it up to a streaking Drouin. He turns a bad angle half-breakaway into a perfectly placed shot to make it 2-0 Habs. Goal-scorers’ goal. Simple as that. Quiet all night, but one moment changes everything. The Habs were on their heels, not looking that effective; in a moment, it’s a vital two-goal cushion. With 13 goals on the season, Drouin is projected to 26 goals, which would be a career best, beating his 21 for Tampa Bay. His 33 points so far projects to 66 overall, which also knocks out of the park his career-best 53. Remember, fans, Drouin is still only 23 years old. He has not topped out here yet. He might even learn how to be better defensively. Not likely a lot better, but just a little better would go a long way.
  • It’s a vital point in the second period with the Canucks having a 3-on-1. Their best scorer last season, Brock Boeser, has the puck. It’s a tenuous situation with Carey Price likely to face a high-quality shot from one of the three players attacking, but Shea Weber reads it all perfectly. He slides to block the shot with great skill and he gets a shin pad on it. The shot rolls harmlessly into the corner. It’s a heady play from Weber. It’s likely a goal saver. He took the pass away, then he took the shot away, too. That’s not on the scoresheet at the end of the game except as a blocked shot, but it’s much more than that in this one.
  • Last season’s Victor Mete had another solid game. He’s skating up ice with more confidence. He wants to be a part of it more. Confidence is a funny thing.
  • Carey Price missed a week with what the coach described as an irritation. He certainly didn’t look irritated in his return to the net. Price made 33 saves to earn the shutout as the Habs won 2-0 on a night they didn’t have their best legs or speed, but protected their goalie enough for him to shine on the shots that did come his way.

Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price out with lower body injury

Wilde Goats

  • With five wins in their last six games, the Habs as a whole are playing close to their best hockey of the season. Their only loss in the last six was against the Lightning in Tampa Bay and if Antti Niemi hadn’t had a rough night, they would have won that one too. There were a couple of bad plays that stood out. Joel Armia with a beautiful pass into the slot that Carey Price had to stop sticks out, but all in all, this ‘Wilde Goats’ section gets a pass when the Habs are putting together this type of entertaining and competitive hockey. Next up is Nashville on Saturday night with P.K. Subban back healthy. It should be a good one. They pretty much all are these days. A great season to be following this team. They have played 41 and competed hard in about 37 of them. That’s impressive.

Call of the Wilde — Montreal Canadiens outscore the Florida Panthers

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Wilde Cards

  • The two best Habs prospects at the World Junior Championships might just be the best two players at their position in the entire tournament as they head into the semi-finals. Ryan Poehling of the United States leads the event in points with eight, tied with Morgan Frost of Canada, who has been eliminated. That means there is a very good chance that Poehling will finish the tourney with the top points total. He’s been dominant, playing his usual smart 200-foot game and showing the offensive flash that people who don’t watch him enough at Saint Cloud State don’t think he has. Remember, though, that Poehling is a point-per-game player at the Minnesota college. Poehling tends to elevate his game the bigger the game gets. Having watched him a lot when he plays for Saint Cloud, Poehling can at times, when the score gets out of hand, lose his highest motivation. He loses hunger when the game isn’t close. When it matters, he’s outstanding, as witnessed in Vancouver. Poehling can become a pro as soon as the college season ends, and the Habs should make sure they offer up a tasty enough carrot that he signs immediately to perhaps even play the last games of the regular season and into the playoffs. If his contract status remains uncertain until the summer or fall, there will be a lot of nervous fans worried that he could become an eventual free agent.  The other prospect who is having a coming-out party is Alexander Romanov of Russia. He could be the rearguard that the Habs have been looking for on the left side. The second-round pick last year is probably the best defender at the event, which is extraordinary considering he’s only 18. Romanov is just one point off the tourney lead and he has chipped in with a goal as well. Romanov reads the play beautifully at all times. He is extremely intelligent. Before the tourney, it was thought that Josh Brook would have his best moments during this important week in a prospect’s career, but it has been Romanov who has shone. It’s hard to imagine considering how young that he is that he arrives in Montreal as early as next season, but considering the way he is playing, don’t rule anything out.

WATCH: Call of the Wilde: Wins and Losses

  • The injury to Andrew Shaw when Joel Armia returned saved Marc Bergevin from having to make a difficult roster decision. When the forwards are all healthy, you should expect Charles Hudon to be waived through to Laval. It may be the end of the line for Hudon here as an NHLer. He doesn’t play a 200-foot game enough to be a bona fide NHL player, and enough years have passed to easily see that there is no upside left for this player. He makes strong plays periodically, but there are not enough of them. Couple that with his penchant to not defend well, and you have what could be the end. We will see if the club ever gets healthy enough for Bergevin to be forced to make this decision, but it is likely coming sooner rather than later. There won’t be much consternation in these parts over it in comparison to Nikita Scherbak, who may still find his better self in his career. Hudon has had enough time to show what he’s got, and it is not enough, sadly. If he were more reliable on the defensive side of the puck, his lack of offence would be forgiven. You should expect him to clear waivers, unlike Jacob De La Rose and Scherbak.

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Peel Police charge father of dead girl, 11, with first-degree murder




An eleven-year-old girl is dead, and her father facing a charge of first degree murder, in a case that has shaken the region.

Riya Rajkumar was supposed to be celebrating her birthday, but, instead, became the subject of a late-night Amber Alert on Thursday night.

Peel Region police said they have found the body of 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar, seen here with her father Roopesh Rajkumar, hours after an Amber Alert was issued late Thursday night.
Peel Region police said they have found the body of 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar, seen here with her father Roopesh Rajkumar, hours after an Amber Alert was issued late Thursday night.  (Peel Regional Police)

She was found in her father’s home in Brampton on Hansen Rd. N., near Marshall Dr., hours after she vanished while in the care of 41-year-old Roopesh Rajkumar.

In front of the brown brick duplex, Friday, pink and white balloons blew in the wind, tied to a tree in front of the home, next to a growing pile of flowers and a bright pink teddy bear.

“Riya was like the princess of the family,” Roopesh’s cousin Ryan Ashadalli told reporters outside the home.

“She was just full of positive energy. She always had a smile wherever she went, he said, adding she had just returned from a vacation at Disneyland.

“I loved her.”

Police found the body of 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar in this Brampton home on Hansen Rd. N. early Friday morning.
Police found the body of 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar in this Brampton home on Hansen Rd. N. early Friday morning.  (Toronto Star)

Officers had to force their way into her father’s home around 11 p.m. Thursday evening. Rajkumar was arrested by Orillia OPP shortly after midnight, almost 130 km. away. He was suffering from a “medical issue,” Const. Danny Marttini told reporters outside Peel Police 22 division.

The birthdays of the girl and her mother fell on the Thursday.

“It’s very heart-wrenching,” said Marttini, who added that, in the final analysis, there’s a mother “moving forward without her daughter.”

Amber alerts were sent out late Thursday night and early Friday morning for 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar.
Amber alerts were sent out late Thursday night and early Friday morning for 11-year-old Riya Rajkumar.

Meadowvale Village Public School posted a statement on its website saying “this tragedy has brought tremendous sadness to the students and staff” and that grief counsellors will be at the school for as long as needed.

“Riya was a well-liked student, and her death is deeply felt by everyone at the school,” the statement read. “Even students who did not personally know Riya will also be affected by this tragedy.”

Rajkumar was taken into police custody shortly after midnight. He was taken to a hospital and then a trauma centre.

Police have charged him with first-degree murder in the death of his daughter.

The girl did not live with her father on a full-time basis, police said, but was dropped off at a Mississauga gas station at about 3 p.m.

“In a tragic situation like this, when your daughter goes to spend her birthday, especially on Valentine’s Day, with her father and you expect your child to come home, my heart aches for this family,” Const. Akhil Mooken told reporters shortly after the body was found.

“As a parent, I can’t even begin to imagine what the mom is going through, and it’s something that we never want to be involved in, but it’s a terrible situation.”

Police said Riya’s mother called the authorities when the pair did not return at 6:30 p.m., and reported that Rajkumar made comments indicating he could cause harm to himself and his daughter.

“That obviously set off alarms,” Marttini told reporters earlier. “It was of extreme concern, which is why she attended the division, saying ‘I’ve got that information and I’m concerned for the well-being of my daughter.’ ”

After police took measures such as searching where the two were last seen, pinpointing the location of the father’s cell phone and checking areas they were known to frequent, they asked for an Amber Alert to be issued.

Police visited the father’s home at around 7 p.m., but did not receive a response when they knocked on the door. At about 11 p.m., Marttini said, police forced entry into the house and found the girl’s body.

“At that point in the investigation, we had received enough information that they felt that the 11-year-old girl would, in fact, be in the residence and was in need of assistance,” Marttini said. “So, with that threat to somebody’s life, they were able to force entry.”

Asked how long the girl had been dead before police found her, Marttini said she didn’t have the exact timeline, and more will come out after the postmortem.

Emergency Management Ontario sent out an Amber Alert on mobile devices just after 11:30 p.m.

Read more: Late-night Amber Alert prompted multiple complaints to 911

“Peel Regional Police activate AMBER Alert. Victim is Riya Rajkumar age 11. Suspect is Roopesh Rajkumar age 41. Vehicle is silver Honda civic plate #ARBV 598. Last known location Eastbound 401. If observed, please call 911,” the alert read.

Peel police had requested an Amber Alert to be issued by OPP earlier in the evening, but the notification was not sent until after 11 p.m., Marttini said in a phone interview. She could not confirm what time they submitted the form.

A tip from the public, following the alert, led to Rajkumar’s arrest shortly after midnight by OPP near Orillia.

The brown brick house on Hansen Rd. N. was blocked off with police tape Friday morning, as was the side street, Crawford Dr.

Residents of the quiet residential neighbourhood were shocked.

Emmanuel Okafor saw the Amber Alert on TV late Thursday night and said he was praying it would have a positive ending.

“It’s unimaginable,” said Okafor, who didn’t know the family, but has a 6-year-old daughter of his own.

“No parent should ever have to bury their kid.”

Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie tweeted that “there are absolutely no words to explain the senseless and tragic loss of young innocent Riya.

“As a mother of three, this makes me sick to my stomach. My heart grieves for the mother and family,” Crombie tweeted.

Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown thanked Peel police and the OPP for the quick arrest.

“Words cannot describe such a senseless and horrific act,” Brown tweeted.

With files from Marjan Asadullah, Ilya Banares and the Brampton Guardian

Stefanie Marotta is a breaking news reporter, working out of the Star’s radio room in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @StefanieMarotta

May Warren is a breaking news reporter based in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @maywarren11

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Edmonton’s funicular was a popular river valley ride in its first year: report – Edmonton




The river valley funicular proved a “popular destination” in its first year of operation, according to a City of Edmonton report.

But it also faced a number of challenges.


Global News

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“As of Nov. 25, 2018, the funicular had made 114,038 trips, either up or down the track,” reads a report from the city’s citizen services and community and recreation facilities departments. “During point counts, staff recorded as many as 135 passengers using the funicular in an hour and as many as 28 trips in an hour.”

The report looked at who uses the funicular and found 22 per cent of its users ride it as part of their commute to work. Thirty-one percent of the funicular’s users take it to access the North Saskatchewan River valley.

The funicular, the top of which is located at 100 Street north of the river valley, opened to the public in December 2017. The project cost $24 million and received funding from all three levels of government as well as the River Valley Alliance.

READ MORE: Edmonton’s river valley funicular opens to public, on time and on budget

Watch below: (From Dec. 9, 2017) There is now a new way for Edmontonians to experience the biggest green space in the city. The river valley has its very own funicular, which officially opened to the public on Saturday. Julia Wong has more.

The report said it “has increased access to the river valley for Edmontonians and visitors and has created a landmark and connection between downtown
and the river valley. ”

While the report spelled out the transport method’s successes, it also highlighted ongoing challenges, including misuse of its emergency stop button, door malfunctions and system failures.


In total, the funicular experienced 116 system failures in its first year and experienced an emergency stop 322 times. There were 112 instances of door, wind or overload issues and 15 elevator emergencies. The site experienced one emergency over its first 12 months, however, the report did not elaborate on what that entailed.

READ MORE: Edmonton funicular vandalism leads to questions about graffiti response

Watch below: (From August 2018) Broken glass and graffiti could be spotted at Edmonton’s funicular recently and some of the damage has been there for moths. As Fletcher Kent reports, some people want the city to do a better job of cleaning up after vandals.

“Staff responded to approximately 550 alarms during the funicular’s first year of operation,” the report reads. “It should be noted that this location experienced the second highest number of alarms reported for the City of Edmonton in 2018.”

According to the review, over 57 per cent of alarms were a result of the funicular’s users pressing pressing the emergency stop button.

“These incidents resulted in temporary stoppages until the system was reset,” the report says. Of the door, wind or overloading issues, the report found that the majority of those related to door problems, often tied to ice and snow buildup and sensor problems.

READ MORE: Edmonton’s funicular ‘sluggish’ when colder than -25 C


The report notes that the funicular’s annual operating budget was projected to be between $480,000 and $960,000.

“During the first year, the total operating cost for the funicular and site was $716,468, or three per cent of the total project cost,” the report reads. “As this infrastructure remains new to Edmonton, it is expected that there will be some fluctuations in the annual operating costs.

“A three-year comparison will be required to confirm long term operating costs.”

The lion’s share of the funicular’s costs in its first year were tied to “preventative maintenance and daily start-up.” That represented over $345,000 of the money spent. The second-leading cost associated with the mechanized river access infrastructure was “non-emergency breakdown response and repair,” at over $112,000.

The future

The city has taken efforts to enhance the funicular over the past two months. Some of the steps taken included installing a “heating loop” in the door sill to stop ice from forming at the lower doors, installing a glass roof over the lower doors to reduce issues caused by winter weather and installing markers at the staircase for people with visual impairments.

The report says that in its second year, the funicular’s operational efficiency will continue to be assessed and processes will be improved while community engagement about the infrastructure will continue.

READ MORE: Song sings praises of Edmonton’s funicular, becomes social media sensation

Watch below: (From Dec. 20, 2017) It’s Edmonton’s newest attraction and now, a song about the river valley funicular could become the city’s latest viral video. ‘Fun Funicular’ has received thousands of views on Facebook since it was posted a few days ago.

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Canada’s main stock index reaches highest level since Oct. 5




Canada’s main stock index posted a triple-digit gain Friday after oil hit a three-month high to extend the market’s winning streak to six weeks.

The S&P/TSX composite index closed up 142.26 points to 15,838.24, after hitting a peak during the day of 15,866.60. That’s the highest level since Oct. 5.

The Toronto market is just 4.4 per cent off the all-time high set last July and up 10.6 per cent so far this year.

Allan Small, senior investment adviser at HollisWealth, foresees the positive momentum continuing as long as geopolitical issues, especially the trade dispute between the U.S. and China, remain positive.

« Yes the year-to-date numbers look really strong in such a short period of time, but we’re just getting back to where we were trading at the end of the summer and early fall, » he said in an interview.

« Let’s get back from the highs … and that’s where things start to get a little bit more dicey. You may see the market start to trade sideways for a little bit until we get some sort of clarity on future and I think that’s where we kind of stall out. »

North American markets increased by as much as 1.7 per cent on continuing optimism about a trade deal with China after U.S. President Donald Trump told reporters he might extend the March 2 deadline for the imposition of tariffs, said Small.

We’ve heard some positive things come out of the administration over the past few days and I think it is no doubt that that’s what’s carrying the markets higher.– Allan Small, senior investment adviser at HollisWealth

In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 443.86 points at 25,883.25. The S&P 500 index was up 29.87 points at 2,775.60, while the Nasdaq composite was up 45.46 points at 7,472.41.

« We’ve heard some positive things come out of the administration over the past few days and I think it is no doubt that that’s what’s carrying the markets higher, » said Small.

Energy sector gains

In Toronto, the key energy sector gained 3.2 per cent as Frontera Energy Corp. increased eight per cent, followed by Encana Corp., Canadian Natural Resources and Suncor Energy Inc.

The April crude contract was up $1.19 at $55.98 US per barrel, the highest level since mid-November on a weaker U.S. dollar and support from production curtailments by OPEC.

The March natural gas contract was up 5.2 cents at $2.62 per mmBTU.

The Canadian dollar traded at an average of 75.38 cents US, compared with an average of 75.20 cents US on Thursday.

The April gold contract was up $8.20 at $1,322.10 an ounce and the March copper contract was 2.4 cents at $2.80 a pound.

The Toronto market had widespread gains as industrials and financials rose.

The positive streak was also extended for another week on strong corporate earnings from several firms, including TransCanada Corp. and Manulife Financial Corp. In addition to beating analyst estimates, several raised their dividends and share buybacks.

« All the stuff that’s great for investors and adding to this positive feel for the market, » he added.

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