A Local’s Guide to the Best Restaurants in Detroit


While Coneys and pizza are the most well-known Detroit food, the thing most argued about here is toum. This Lebanese garlic emulsion is the cousin to aioli and allioli, and its construction and personality are equally specific, differing, and well-guarded. Rarely called by its actual name, it’s often referred to as garlic sauce/dip/spread, or gruntingly, “garlic.” Omnipresent at Lebanese restaurants in metro Detroit, toum is slathered inside shawarma, eaten a forkful at a time on meats, and melted on fresh pitas. My current toum fave is at new-school banger Kanun Grill, but the Best in Show year after year is Beirut Bakery, where a touch of egg white turns it so airy and smooth that it becomes something closer to mousse.


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