Ottawa drops appeal in political activity case, ending charities’ 7-year audit nightmare


The Liberal government has withdrawn its appeal of a stunning 2018 court ruling that quashed a section of the Income Tax Act limiting the political activities of charities.

The landmark case was launched a tiny Ottawa charity, Canada Without Poverty, which argued that the section violates the Charter of Rights guarantee of freedom of expression.

Justice Edward Morgan of the Ontario Superior Court of Canada agreed in his July 16 ruling, declaring that the section no longer had any « force and effect. »

Canada Without Poverty had been under threat of losing its charitable status after auditors at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) determined that 98.5 per cent its activities were political. Charity law, as it was written at the time, had limited political activities to no more than 10 per cent of an organization’s resources, though critics have said the law’s definition of ‘political’ was too fuzzy.

Leilani Farha, head of the tiny Ottawa charity Canada Without Poverty, helped launch the court challenge of the political-activity limits in charity law, saying it restricted freedom of expression. An Ontario court agreed. (Idil Mussa/CBC News)

After losing the case, the Liberal government eventually agreed to rewrite the Income Tax Act to accommodate Justice Morgan’s ruling – but paradoxically announced Aug. 15 it was appealing the case because of an alleged error of law in the judgment.

Anne Ellefsen-Gauthier, spokesperson for National Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier, told CBC News the government still believes Morgan made an error in law by applying a test for religious freedom rather than for freedom of expression.

But after consulting with the charity sector last fall and reviewing higher court rulings, the government has decided not to fight the Ontario case because little would be gained by the effort.

« Higher courts have already been pretty clear on the different test that needs to be applied to freedom of expression, » said Ellefsen-Gauthier. « We’re dropping the appeal. »

The law amended

The Liberal government has since amended the Income Tax Act, under Bill C-86, to remove all reference to political activities for charities. The omnibus bill, one of two implementing last year’s budget measures, received royal assent on Dec. 13, 2018.

The department also recently published a guidance document to inform the charity sector on how the new regime — which still includes a strict prohibition on partisan activities — will be applied. Notably, the term « political activities » has been replaced by the phrase « public policy dialogue and development activities. »

But charities still cannot endorse or support political parties or candidates for office, something the sector has always accepted.

Ottawa’s decision Thursday appears finally to end a long nightmare for some charities targeted by a special CRA auditing program launched in 2012 by the former Conservative government to review the political activities of charities. More than $13 million was earmarked for audits of 60 charities over four years.

The Conservative government of Stephen Harper launched a four-year program to audit the political activities of charities beginning in 2012. Some $13 million was budgeted for the program, which targeted 60 charities. (Tom Hanson/Canadian Press)

In its first year, the controversial program targeted environmental charities, most of which were critics of the government’s energy and pipelines policies. It was later expanded to include religious and human rights charities, among others. The targeted charities said the audits drained precious resources and in some cases led to an « advocacy chill » as groups self-censored so as not to aggravate the government.

The Liberals campaigned in the 2015 federal election on ending the « political harassment » of charities but did not halt the audit program immediately, winding it down only in stages and letting some audits continue. The program has since been cancelled.

« The decision to let Justice Morgan’s decision stand is a huge victory for democracy in Canada, » said Leilana Farha, head of Canada Without Poverty.

« The government has done the right thing twice. First they made the legislative changes recommended by the government’s appointed panel and ordered by Judge Morgan, and now they have properly decided to withdraw their appeal … »

« This decision puts Canada in the lead among common law countries and will have a positive effect not only in Canada, but worldwide. »

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Maple Syrup: Your Most Pressing Questions, Answered


Do you only break out the maple syrup for pancake Sundays? Then you’re missing out on the full potential of this liquid gold. A natural sweetener with depth and complexity, maple syrup goes with way more than breakfast. Here we present a collection of tips, techniques, and trivia that will help you pick out a bottle and use it for all it’s worth. (And if you, like us, were ever wondering why so many bottles have a seemingly useless, teeny tiny handle, well—read on to know why.)

How do I pick the right syrup?

We strongly recommend 100 percent maple syrup. Syrup has a terroir, just like wine, coffee, and chocolate. Not only do the two sugar maple cultivars produce different-tasting syrup, but the syrup is dependent on the air, water, and soil, varying greatly region to region and season to season. Taste syrups from different regions to find out what you like best.

Why is it so pricey?

Syrup is so expensive because it takes 40 gallons (!) of sap to make one gallon of syrup. Sugaring season runs for just about two months, from early February to late March, in a very small region of the world, predominantly in the Northeastern United States and Canada, which means the supply is limited. But don’t worry: Bottles are available year-round.

Where should I keep it?

To protect against fermentation and molding, keep open bottles in the fridge for up to a year. For indefinite storage, stow syrup in the freezer (it’s too sugary to solidify).


Photo by Winnie Au

Flights of maple syrup.

What do all the grades mean?

Formerly divided into grades A, B, and C, the bottles at the store today are all Grade A, with USDA descriptors that clearly spell out the hue and intensity. Confused? Just remember: Darker syrup means bolder flavor. Here’s a breakdown.

Golden color, delicate taste: Fruity and subtle, it’s easily overshadowed but makes the best substitute for white sugar when baking.

Amber color, rich taste: Popular for all-around use, it’s the ideal table syrup for pancakes and French toast.

Dark color, robust taste: Bold in flavor, it holds its own in savory dishes like braises and in whiskey cocktails.

Very dark color, strong taste: With the most powerful maple flavor, it delivers the biggest bang for your buck—use sparingly!

Uh, what’s pancake syrup?

Pancake syrup is corn syrup with artificial flavor and color, whereas maple syrup is 100 percent boiled maple sap with 33 to 35 percent water.

Can I replace sugar with maple syrup?

To substitute maple syrup for sugar in a recipe, follow these rules from Baking with Less Sugar by Joanne Chang. In general, one cup of syrup is equal to one cup of sugar. But decrease the amount of liquid by 3 Tbsp. for each cup of syrup used. If baking, reduce your oven temp by 25° to prevent burning (since syrup caramelizes faster than sugar). Unless your recipe already calls for an acidic ingredient like buttermilk or sour cream, add 1⁄2 tsp. baking soda with the syrup. And experiment at your own risk!

20180125 MOB24863

Photo by Alex Lau, food styling by Chris Morocco, prop styling by Emily Eisen

Maple syrup makes a good marinade for anything from chicken to tofu.

Is it only for drizzling?

Nope! Try adding a touch of maple syrup to savory foods; its earthy caramel flavor complements bitter, spicy, and salty notes. We like adding it to barbecue sauce, sautéed bitter greens, squash soup, marinades, and mustard vinaigrette.

What else can I do with it?

Make a crunchy maple topping for yogurt or oatmeal: Toss 1 cup toasted seeds or nuts + 3 Tbsp. maple syrup + 1⁄2 tsp. kosher salt on a parchment-lined rimmed baking sheet and bake at 350° for 15–20 minutes. Let cool, then break into pieces. Store in an airtight container for up to a week.

glazed carrots 1

Photo by Chelsie Craig, Food Styling by Dana Bonagura

These guys are Maple-Roasted Carrots.

Any other ideas?

Dress up any roasted vegetable with an easy maple glaze: Whisk together 2 Tbsp. each maple syrup, unseasoned rice vinegar, and soy sauce, and 1⁄2 tsp. red pepper flakes. Season with salt. Drizzle over vegetables and toss to coat in the last 5–10 minutes of roasting.

Use it to sweeten switchel, a refreshing drink made with apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger.

Or use maple syrup to add a glaze-y shellac to pork chops, salmon, bacon, chicken, tofu, carrots, or brussels sprouts.

hidden springs maple syrup

Photo by Chelsea Kyle

To have on hand at all times.

Do you have a favorite brand?

Hidden Springs Amber Rich Organic Maple Syrup, with its toasty flavor, is our favorite for everyday use.

Buy it: $8 for a half pint at

Okay, but what’s up with that little handle?

It harks back to times of yore, when syrup was collected in big earthenware vessels on which handles were critical. Today, it’s just a miniaturized sign to us consumers that what we’re getting is a real deal. This sort of design that contains just-for-show characteristics of the original is called a “skeuomorph.” (Use that on your next crossword!)


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Trouble filling up the tank this week? Here’s why


There are plenty of reasons for drivers to get cranky with Mother Nature. This week, you can add “trouble fuelling up” to the list.

Dozens of gas stations across the Greater Toronto Area ran into supply issues this week — including in some cases being completely sold out — thanks to the wintry conditions on area roads.

Getting into and out of fuel storage depots, as well as the slippery, snowy road conditions around stations in tightly packed urban areas, is especially hazardous when you’re driving a tanker filled with gasoline, said Suncor spokesperson Nicole Fisher.

“We always want to make sure our drivers are safe, and because of this weather, they wouldn’t have been,” said Fisher, who wasn’t able to provide an estimate of how many of Suncor’s PetroCanada stations were affected. “There wasn’t a shortage of gasoline. This was about distribution.”

While deliveries started back up again Wednesday, not every station will be filled up instantly, Fisher added.

It’s been five years since the GTA has seen a similarly widespread rash of empty pumps, said former Liberal MP Dan McTeague, who’s now a fuel analyst at

“This doesn’t happen too often, but it happens. The last time it was this big was probably 2014,” said McTeague, who estimated roughly 140 stations across the GTA were affected. The worst-hit ones were stations in Toronto itself, McTeague said.

“Usually, it’s areas to the east and west of Toronto which get hardest hit when there’s weather like this, but this time, it was worst downtown,” said McTeague.

Busy stations usually get deliveries every two or three days, McTeague said.

The supply troubles were exacerbated by a run on gasoline as drivers tried to take advantage of pump prices which dropped to an average of 98.9 cents per litre for regular gas, the lowest the GTA has seen since October 2016, McTeague said.

Still, the situation could have been more dire.

“It would have been a lot worse if the depots or refineries had run out of gasoline, but that’s not what happened here,” said McTeague. The Toronto area is supplied by a handful of major fuel terminals, including one in Oakville and one near Keele St. and Finch Ave.

Those terminals typically have enough gasoline on-hand to survive for a while without being restocked by refineries.

“It would be a few days before they’d run out, if it came to that,” McTeague said.

It isn’t just gasoline deliveries which have been disrupted by the frigid, snowy weather across much of eastern North America. In storm-struck Michigan, auto plants and other big energy users Michigan have shut down or limited operations due to a natural gas shortage caused by a fire and frigid weather.

Eighteen factories and other facilities run by General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler were affected Thursday. It’s not clear when they’ll resume normal operations.

The fire hit a Consumers Energy natural gas compressor station north of Detroit on Wednesday as record-cold temperatures swept over the region.

Elsewhere, beer delivery trucks in Milwaukee were pulled off the roads because distributors worried that the brews would freeze. In Chicago, train tracks were being deliberately set on fire by railroad crews, to avoid tracks from freezing and keep trains running.

With files from The Associated Press

Josh Rubin is a Toronto-based business reporter. Follow him on Twitter: @starbeer


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Liberals’ 2019 budget to include partial prescription drugs coverage: report – National


OTTAWA/TORONTO — The federal Liberal government will propose a limited expansion to the country’s universal healthcare system in the spring budget, to cover part of the cost of prescription drugs, sources with direct knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

The modest broadening of the healthcare program is set to become one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau‘s key campaign promises ahead of the October election, which is shaping up to be a close fight.

READ MORE: Low-income families no longer pay deductibles on prescription drugs in B.C.

The government would not commit to meeting 100 per cent of the cost of prescription drugs for those who have no insurance through their workplace, the sources said. That suggests the government is leaning toward a narrower, more insurance industry-friendly model of pharmacare, as it is called, than that recommended by a government health committee last year.

A spokesman for Finance Minister Bill Morneau declined to comment.

Officials have yet to decide how much detail to provide about the pharmacare system in the budget, which is expected in the week of March 18, the sources said. They may release a general commitment to boost coverage and leave the specifics for the campaign, they added.

WATCH: Concerns generic drug price drop could lead to shortages

But new information on pharmacare’s inclusion in the spring budget and its limited scope gives a first glimpse of the government’s blueprint for what has been called the “unfinished business” of Canada’s publicly funded healthcare system.

The sources, who spoke in recent days, requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.


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Several witnesses in Norman trial still haven’t searched personal records for evidence, court told


Several major government figures at the centre of the criminal case against Vice-Admiral Mark Norman have not searched their personal email and phones for correspondence relevant to the case, despite the instructions of court-ordered subpoenas.

Zita Astravas, who serves as the chief of staff to Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, was called to testify Thursday at a pretrial hearing in the breach-of-trust case against Norman.

She said the advice she received from lawyers at National Defence was that she was required only to surrender communications from her work-provided BlackBerry phone.

Norman’s defence team, led by Toronto lawyer Marie Henein, has been fighting in court for the disclosure of thousands of federal government documents — and have accused the federal government of conducting a selective and haphazard search for those documents.

In testimony Wednesday, Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. Jonathan Vance acknowledged that he had not searched his personal email or his iPhone for anything that might relate to the case. Gen. Vance has insisted he doesn’t conduct any work-related business on his non-government devices.

Earlier this week, lawyers for federal cabinet minister Scott Brison delivered to court personal emails relevant to the case, separate from his government accounts.

Norman, the former commander of the navy, has been charged with one count of breach of trust and is accused of leaking cabinet secrets related to a $668 million contract to lease a supply ship for the navy. He was suspended as the military’s second-in-command in January, 2017.

Astravas was director of issues management in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office between November 2015 and August 2017 — the time period when the criminal investigation involving Norman first became public. She would have been the public servant tasked with briefing the prime minister on important issues and daily crises.

Astravas testified she didn’t know if her former email account had been searched in response to a subpoena issued by Norman’s lawyers.

Robert MacKinnon, the federal lawyer responsible for the record search, told the court the instruction given to all departments was that all devices must be searched. He said that instruction will be repeated.

​The pre-trial hearing has focused largely on the collection and production of communications relevant to the case. The actual trial is scheduled to begin in August, just months before the federal election.

Henein asked Astravas if she is aware of any communications within government about the timing of the case.

« Do you recall having any communications about delaying this trial or about the timing of this trial? » she asked.

« I don’t remember, » Astravas replied.

‘Fishing expedition’

On Tuesday, the defence team produced a list of words used in documentation to refer to Norman that it had obtained through Access to Information. They include Kracken, MN3, C34 and The Boss.

Vance said the military routinely uses jargon, acronyms and pseudonyms and he didn’t see anything on the list that he thought would qualify as a ‘codename’.

The list released to the defence team through the access request did not include any terms used in Sajjan’s office, which claimed a ministerial exemption from the request.

Astravas said after she received a subpoena to appear in court late Wednesday, she asked her staff to make « best efforts » to check if other pseudonyms for Norman had been used. She said they did not come up with additional terms.

Henein asked if Astravas knew of the terms « the certain naval officer, » « a certain naval fellow » or a « a naval colleague » being used, but Astravas said she could not recall.

Norman’s defence team has been engaged in legal wrangling with government lawyers over the the release of documents deemed relevant to the case.

Henein described the situation as « quite extraordinary, » with the government asserting cabinet confidence over certain documents and the defence securing subpoenas to obtain those documents.

Crown lawyer Barbara Mercier suggested the defence is trying to prolong the process to « kingdom come. »

« I have a very strong feeling that this has been a very large fishing expedition, » she said.


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Les fulgurances de Paz Levinson


Depuis un peu plus d’un an, elle œuvre aux côtés d’Anne-Sophie Pic, rencontrée à l’occasion du tour­nage d’un documentaire sur les femmes chefs. Elle partage son temps entre le trois-étoiles de Valence (Drôme), la Dame de Pic, rue du Louvre (Paris Ier), les autres adresses de la chef, à Londres, à Lausanne, et ses escapades chez les vignerons. Cette année, Paz Levinson a multiplié les allers-retours dans le ­Rhône, dans le Douro, au Portugal, et en Bourgogne, toujours. « J’aime frapper à la porte des vignerons après avoir découvert leur production », dit-elle.

L’Argentine travaille comme une dingue et passe le peu de temps libre qui lui reste à étudier, à rencontrer, à déguster. Elle se passionne pour le vin, pour la bière, surtout la belge, « plus précise, plus complexe », croit beaucoup au cidre, « une boisson magni­fique », met le saké à l’honneur : «Ce sont des boissons que je sers à l’aveugle pour éviter les a priori, pour que le client ait le sentiment de les découvrir par lui-même. » Elle suit avec une grande ­attention les progrès de la mixologie, peut vous parler pendant des heures de thé… Nul doute que si des extra­terrestres débarquaient avec un élixir de l’espace, elle serait la première à l’apprécier et à le mettre à sa carte.

Peu importe le flacon, pourvu qu’elle ait la fraîcheur « qui rime avec réveil des papilles, avec le sentiment d’être en contact avec quelque chose qui bouge. J’aime l’acidité, c’est la colonne vertébrale du vin, à condition bien entendu qu’elle ne nuise pas à l’équilibre. Il faut que l’attaque reste maîtrisée. À ce titre, les vins de Madère sont une belle ­réussite ». Elle est une grande fan des syrahs de Cornas et de Saint-Joseph, met Christine Vernay sur un piédestal : « J’aime les femmes qui s’occupent de leur vignoble comme d’un jardin, qui regardent la vigne comme des fleurs, avec beaucoup de sensibilité. » Elle craque encore pour « les chenins de la Loire, qui peuvent être en surmaturité et garder leur acidité ». Elle trouve que « Bordeaux n’est pas à la mode en ce moment et c’est injuste. Je vais y aller plus souvent ». Elle suit ses intuitions, ses goûts et ses envies, semble s’affranchir des codes et d’un esprit de sérieux qui a parfois nui à sa profession.

Éclectisme et trouvailles

Paz Levinson est née à San Carlos de ­Bariloche, en Patagonie, une petite ville du bout du monde connue entre autres pour son chocolat et ses chalets, comme en Suisse. Sa mère, psychologue venue de Buenos Aires, et son père, un marchand de vin originaire de Mendoza, avaient décidé de s’installer là dans les années 1970. Quatre enfants plus tard, l’aventure dure toujours. Paz, à 18 ans, hésite entre une carrière dans l’œnologie et devenir poète. « Je suis partie à Buenos Aires avec mon frère et j’ai décidé de me consacrer à la poésie. Mais je ne voulais pas en vivre, pour ne pas risquer de pervertir mon art. J’avais peur de perdre mon âme et les joies de l’écriture. En parallèle à mes études de littérature, en 2003, j’ai commencé à travailler dans un restaurant appelé “Resto”, une très bonne adresse du quartier de Recoleta. J’ai beaucoup écrit durant mes années de restauration. J’ai essayé de retranscrire ce qu’un serveur a dans la tête. Cela m’a passionnée. Quand je découvre une table, je découvre des histoires, tout en gardant mes distances. Et cela est très créatif. Resto était tenu par Maria Barrutia, chef et sommelière, qui avait travaillé avec le cuisinier espagnol Ferran Adria et Michel Bras. À cette période, Maria Barrutia ouvrait une école de sommellerie, Cave (Centro argentino de vinos et espirituosas, NDLR), qui est aujourd’hui la plus réputée d’Argentine. Elle m’a proposé d’y étudier, ce que j’ai fait. »

Le parcours de Paz Levinson dans le monde du vin est fulgurant. Elle devient meilleure sommelière d’Argentine en 2010, décroche une deuxième fois le titre en 2014. « J’ai aussi écrit beaucoup d’articles sur l’œnologie, j’ai animé des émissions de radio sur le sujet… À un moment, j’avais le choix entre me lancer dans le business ou aller voir ailleurs. » En 2012, elle boucle ses valises et part en Chine avec son mari, Miguel Angel ­Petreca, traducteur de chinois et lui aussi poète. L’expérience fait long feu. Au bout de six mois, ils débarquent à Paris, « un village, moins stressant, moins violent, plus calme que Buenos Aires ». On la retrouve à l’Épicure, le restaurant étoilé de l’Hôtel Bristol, puis chez Virtus, dans le XIIe arrondissement, avec le tandem Chiho Kanzaki et Marcelo di Giacomo, deux chefs – un Japonais, un Argentin – aux côtés desquels elle crée une carte des vins éclectique, pleine de trouvailles. Au passage, elle devient meilleure sommelière des Amériques en 2015, cinquième au concours du meilleur sommelier du monde 2016…

« Les concours m’ont appris à parler du vin. J’évite de tomber dans le commentaire analytique tout en n’étant pas trop superficielle. Je ne me contente pas de l’impression. Je cherche toujours la bonne expression pour être à mi-chemin entre technique et poésie. J’y arrive dans ma langue natale, en anglais, mais pas encore en français. » Une simple question de temps, sans doute. ­Sinon, après avoir publié trois recueils de poésie, Blume, en 1998, Un catalogo de todo lo que hay en 2008, et Falsa estepa en 2011, elle n’a plus peur de mixer œnologie et poésie. Un quatrième livre est en préparation. Tout cela ne doit surtout pas s’arrêter.


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Ontario health care ‘super agency’ would allow more privatization, confidential draft bill shows


A confidential draft bill from Premier Doug Ford’s government would establish a health “super agency” to create “efficiencies” in the system and empower cabinet to privatize more services and sell medical data, according to a leaked copy.

The new “super agency” to oversee health care was first revealed by the Star on Jan. 17.

The leaked version of the Health System Efficiency Act 2019, obtained by the New Democrats and revealed Thursday, states the super agency — yet to be named — would implement the new Progressive Conservative government’s health system strategies, hinted at in a new report released Thursday from Ford’s health care czar Dr. Rueben Devlin.

Devlin said the complex health-care system is too “difficult” for patients to navigate, pointing to the need to make treatment paths more efficient and, for example, take better care of people with chronic diseases like diabetes.

Under the draft bill, the super agency would have the powers to “designate” providers of integrated care providing a mix of at least two of the following: hospital care, primary care, mental health, addictions, home care, long-term care, and palliative care.

The bill would also give Health Minister Christine Elliott the power to “consider whether to adjust the funding (of the super agency) to take into account a portion of the savings from efficiencies that the super agency generated in the previous fiscal year and that the super agency proposes to spend on patient care in subsequent fiscal years.”

A source told the Star an official announcement on the super agency, which the legislation says will have a 15-member board of directors, is expected in late February.

More to come


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40 chefs pour vous servir


Du 9 au 12 mai, la 5e édition du festival gastronomique revient sous la nef du Grand Palais. Dix-huit restaurants, 50 ateliers & masterclass et 100 artisans et producteurs attendent les gourmands.

55% des Français sont attirés par les restaurants étoilés. Mais 22% seulement envisagent de s’y rendre cette année. C’est le résultat d’une étude OpinionWay pour le festival Taste of Paris. La raison? Si 70% de nos concitoyens les considèrent financièrement inaccessibles, 51% craignent de ne pas s’y sentir à l’aise et 40% ont peur de s’y ennuyer. Autre enseignement du sondage, la gastronomie serait un phénomène générationnel: 62% des 25-34 ans sont intéressés par une expérience gastronomique, et 35% d’entre eux sont d’ailleurs prêts à débloquer un budget pour cela.

Autant d’éléments qui encouragent le festival d’origine britannique à poursuivre sa route. Celle d’un rendez-vous qui démocratise les tables gastronomiques dans un esprit festif, décontracté et événementiel. Grâce à des prix doux (6 à 12€ le plat, en portions toutefois congrue) et des chefs présents sur les stands pour échanger avec les clients.

La 5e édition, du 9 au 12 mai, toujours sous la nef du Grand Palais, convie un nombre records de 40 chefs (contre 27 l’an passé), dont un nombre toujours croissant de pâtissiers (21). Des petits nouveaux rejoignent des habitués et le nombre de restaurants «tournants» passe à quatre. Comme chaque année, les étoilés côtoient la génération Top Chef , les palaces et les bistrots pour dessiner un panorama varié de la restauration parisienne.

Dommage toutefois que le casting ne compte qu’une seule femme (!), Maëlig Georgelin, pâtissière d’Au Petit Prince (Morbihan), sur le «pop-up» Relais Desserts qui convie des artisans pâtissiers de toute la France.

Le Squer, Vérot et le Refugee Food Festival

Plusieurs grands noms étoilés ont une nouvelle fois répondu présent: Frédéric Anton (Le Pré Catelan), Romain Meder (Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée), Kei Kobayashi (Kei) et Nicolas Sale, qui sera accompagné par le pâtissier François Perret (Ritz). Parmi les jeunes toques passées par Top Chef reviennent Pierre Sang Boyer (Pierrre Sang in Oberkampf, Gambey et Signature), Juan Arbelaez (Yaya, Plantxa, Vida, Froufrou) et Denny Imbroisi (IDA et Epoca).

Les nouveaux venus constituent quelques surprises: la Maison Vérot, artisan charcutier haut de gamme qui n’a pas de restaurant, mais quatre boutiques à Paris ; le Refugee Food Festival (présent à Ground Control), avec le chef syrien Mohammad Elkhaldy ; Andreas Mavrommatis (Mavrommatis), figure historique de la cuisine grecque à Partis, auréolé d’une étoile Michelin dans le Ve ; Jean-Edern Hurstel, passé lui aussi par Top Chef mais aussi Le Peninsula avant d’ouvrir récemment Edern et l’institution Fauchon avec son chef de cuisine Sébastien Monceaux et son pâtissier François Daubinet. Le Four Seasons Hôtel George V fait lui une arrivée en force avec quatre chefs sur son stand: Le Squer (Le Cinq), Simone Zanoni (Le George), Alan Taudon (L’Orangerie) et Maxime Frédéric (chef pâtissier).

Quatre restaurants «multi-chefs»

Pour faire découvrir encore plus d’univers de cuisiniers, Taste of Paris multiplie ses pop-up «multi-chefs». L’école Ferrandi proposera un menu signé par quatre de ses anciens élèves: Guillaume Gomez (Président des Cuisiniers de la République Française), Christian Têtedoie (Lyon), Yann Menguy (pâtisserie La Goutte d’Or) et Nicolas Bernardé (La Garenne-Colombes). La «Daily Pâtisserie» invitera chaque jour une star du sucré: Jeffrey Cagnes (Stohrer), Yann Brys (Tourbillon), Christophe Michalak (Michalak Paris) et Philippe Conticini (Gâteaux d’émotions).

Nouveauté 2019, un restaurant «Chefs de Gare» proposera les plats signature de quatre étoilés installés dans des gares frnaçaises: Éric Frechon (Lazare),Thierry Marx (L’Etoile du Nord), Michel Rostang (Le Train Bleu) et Michel Roth (Terroirs de Lorraine à la gare de Metz). Relais Desserts, enfin, réunira Vincent Guerlais (Nantes), Pierre Hermé (Paris), Christophe Roussel (La Baule), Laurent Duchêne (Paris), Cédric Pernot (Chambéry), Jean-Christophe Jeanson (Lenôtre Paris), Arnaud Larher (Paris), Jean-Paul Hévin (Paris), Maëlig Georgelin (Au Petit Prince – Morbihan), Sébastien Bouillet (Lyon), Pascal Lac (Nice) et Sadaharu Aoki (Paris).

Comme chaque année, une centaine d’artisans proposera ses produits à la dégustation et à la vente (fromage, jus, vin, confiture, infusion, huîtres, jambon, huile d’olive, glace, vinaigre balsamique…), tandis que des démonstrations et des ateliers animeront les quatre jours. 30.000 visteurs sont attendus, il faudra donc vous armer de patience pour déguster!

Taste of Paris. Du jeudi 9 (au soir) au dimanche 12 (au soir) mai 2019. Grand Palais, avenue Winston Churchill (VIIIe). Session «journée» de 11h30 à 16h ; session «soirée» de 19 à 23h30. Préventes: 20€ par session ; sur place: 25€ par session. Tarif réduit pour les 10-18 ans: 15€. Gratuit pour les moins de 10 ans. Animations au Théâtre Laurent-Perrier et cours de cuisine à l’Atelier Electrolux inclus. Plats entre 6 et 12€.


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Regina sailor charged with sexual assault at Halifax base in 2018


A reservist with a unit from Regina has been charged with sexual assault in connection with an alleged incident a CFB Halifax in March 2018.

The Canadian Armed Forces Department of National Defence says military police in Halifax received a report in June 2018 of a possible sexual assault that was alleged to have occurred at the end of March 2018.

READ MORE: Sexual assault charge laid against Canadian Armed Forces member

The investigation began at the complainant’s request, and as a result, Ordinary Seaman David Katabarwa, a reservist with HMCS Queen, has been charged with one count of sexual assault.

Katabarwa was a full-time employee at CFB Halifax at the time of the alleged assault.

READ MORE: Sexual assault charges laid against Canadian Armed Forces member in Halifax

Katabarwa is scheduled to appear in Halifax provincial court on March 4.

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Google supprime à son tour une application de collecte de données


L’application de Google, appelée Screenwise Meter, offrait des cartes-cadeaux aux utilisateurs en échange d’un accès privilégié à leurs données. Les personnes intéressées pouvaient installer l’application, qui fonctionne comme un réseau privé virtuel (VPN), c’est-à-dire qu’il fait passer toutes les communications Internet du téléphone par les serveurs de Google.

Cela signifie que Google avait potentiellement accès au texte, aux photos, aux vidéos et à toute donnée reçue ou envoyée par n’importe quelle application présente sur les téléphones des utilisateurs.

Lorsque l’application a été lancée, les utilisateurs devaient avoir au moins 13 ans pour se servir de Screenwise Meter, mais cette limite a depuis été établie à 18 ans et plus, rapporte TechCrunch. Les mineurs d’au moins 13 ans peuvent toutefois toujours avoir accès au service en tant qu’utilisateur secondaire si l’utilisateur principal a au moins 18 ans.

Une zone grise

De tels services de récolte de données sont interdits sur l’App Store, mais à l’instar de Facebook, Google a profité d’une zone grise pour contourner les règles d’Apple. Le géant de la recherche en ligne proposait d’installer Screenwise Meter en utilisant un certificat de concepteur d’entreprise, une fonctionnalité des téléphones d’Apple qui permet aux entreprises de mettre en ligne des applications destinées à leurs employés sans passer par l’App Store.

Contacté par TechCrunch, Google a indiqué que son application n’aurait jamais dû se servir du certificat de concepteur d’entreprise et qu’il s’agissait donc d’une erreur. Google a retiré Screenwise Meter d’iOS.

Une application de Facebook utilisant le même stratagème a été bannie par Apple mercredi et le certificat de concepteur d’entreprise de Facebook a été révoqué du même souffle. Cela signifie que toutes les applications internes du réseau social sur iOS ont cessé de fonctionner.

Pour le moment, rien n’indique que le certificat de Google subira le même sort, l’entreprise ayant retiré son application avant qu’Apple réagisse.


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