7 tips to play slot machines

Slots are one the most popular games offered at best online casinos today even the traditional land-based casinos in the heart of Las Vegas, alongside other popular entertainment holiday spots.

However, since the increase in traffic online due to the pandemic, many online casinos are offering different types of slots, especially video slots, several bonus rounds with exciting gameplay features. For newbies, in particular, all these new additions can be overwhelmed and making gameplay difficult to navigate.

Every player wants to know how to not only play slots but to win at them and enjoy the popular themed slot games that have become quite iconic in the entertainment industry from movies to media. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to it, there are some useful tips to help you improve your playing experience at slot machines.

1. Place higher denomination bets

If you want to maximize your potential winnings at slot machines, it is best to play higher denomination bets. Unlike lower denomination bets, higher denomination spins can be a lot more profitable.

Therefore, if you can afford to place a single high bet, then go for it. Though doing this reduces your chances of landing a winning spin, but if luck is on your side, you could win and earn a huge reward.

2. Bet the maximum amount

The large payout offered by some online casinos is what attracts many players to slot machines. Dangling the opportunity to win a massive life-changing amount of money in just one single spin is a temptation that only a handful of gamblers can resist. However, this can only be achieved by betting the maximum amount possible.

While lower staking spins may still be eligible for the same stake multiplier as larger ones, but the final payout will be significantly lesser. Therefore, if you plan to hit a big win in one single swoop, then betting the maximum amount is your best chance at achieving this.

3. The lower the odds, the harder the game

Most complicated multiple line slots with multipliers and bonus rounds often have lower odds. Also, more features equally mean more reels and symbols which may also reduce the odds.

Therefore, you stand the chance to achieve small wins playing these games or other benefits such as unlocking a bonus round or winning free spins. However, these slot types are usually quite challenging and depending on your preference, you can either choose to learn them or go for simpler slots with only a few reels and single-line bets.

4. Test the games beforehand

Many online casinos now offer players the chance to play slots games without wagering any money with free spins. This is a perfect opportunity for newbies to try out the games and discover their own way of playing slot machines before staking any real money.

For those who are uncertain about the features of a slot machine, trying out free spins can give you a clear picture of whether or not you like it. Once you’re done testing the game, you can choose to either wager real money or move on to another slot machine.

5. Don’t think about due payouts

The random nature of slot machines is what makes it exciting. With every spin, your chances are being reset as there are no cold or hot streaks while playing slots.

With this in mind, it is important to not keep assuming that you are closer to a big win after failing in the previous round. Just play your game in the best way you can and hope for the best outcome.

6. There are tight machines

Slot machines can be programmed to either be loose or tight. With tight machines, payouts tend to be very minimal while loose machines payout players a lot more frequently.

Fortunately, at regulated and reputable online casinos, the concept of loose or tight machines doesn’t come into play while accessing slot machines. These sites have slot machines that produce outcomes based on a Random Number Generator to guarantee fairness.

7. Play using coins

For players who want to have better control over the bet they place, using coins is a great way to start. For example, using a 20 pay lines slot and 100 coins worth $0.01 each, players can easily activate all pay lines with multiple $0.05 wager, all while only spending $1.

Doing this gives you much more value for your money since you stand a chance to win a larger payout on a single spin.

3 things to know about Canadian online casino games

The online gaming world has witnessed a surge in recent times, especially after the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus which forced many people to stay at home and seek ways to pass time. With online gaming, the potential to earn money was just as attractive as the entertainment it provided.

However, while the industry has been growing for some time now, some players who are new to the scene still feel quite reluctant to go all the way. Questions around the legality of online casinos in Canada, how to play the available games and the overall user experience still hovers around the minds of new gamers. Luckily, here are some of the most important things to know about Canadian online casinos and the games they have on offer.

1. The legal status of online gambling in Canada

The legality of online casinos—whether operating one in Canada or participating in online gambling activities organized by casinos in Canada—is something that needs to be properly addressed.

As a casino operator, the government of Canada prohibits any gambling company from operating without a recognized license—whether from the UK Gambling Authority, Kahnawake, Malta Gaming Authority, or other regulators. For Canadians who want to play at online casinos, they face no legal risk whatsoever and can register at any online casino of their choice—taking advantage of the signup bonuses and other deals offered. Additionally, all winnings from an online casino are tax-free for Canadians.

2. The popular games available at online casinos in Canada

Slots are the most popular online casino game for Canadian players and many operators have created a combination of classic and new themes to cater to both seasoned punters and newbies. Nowadays, the numerous choices available to plays opens up newer possibilities and the only challenge appears to be choosing the casino online Canada.

Most online casinos also offer traditional table and skill games so you can either gamble against a real player of a computer in different versions of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker, and many others. Additionally, if the online casino you’re playing at has a live dealer section, you can compete against highly talented dealers and stand the chance of earning much more money than you would’ve thought.

3. Improving your playing experience

While considering the online casino for you, there are certain things to take note of as you search. After registering, most online casinos offer new players a sign-on bonus which can either be additional money or free spins at a slot machine of your choice. In comparison to land-based casinos that would probably only offer you a free drink or a sandwich, this can greatly improve your playing experience. However, be sure to read the accompanying terms and conditions with these bonuses before committing any further.

If you’re a millennial or Gen-Z player, then the idea of mobile gaming would greatly appeal to your lifestyle. Some of the most reputable online casinos in Canada offer players a choice between playing through a mobile app or on-site via a web browser.

Finally, it is important to keep your online gaming activities within the zone of entertainment and stick to a dedicated budget that doesn’t put you at financial risk. Responsible gambling is important while enjoying some of the available games provided by online casinos in Canada.

12 strategies to manage credit card payments and debt

Today, almost everyone carries a credit card in their wallets. It is used to pay for almost everything from groceries to flight tickets to gas.

If managed properly, credit cards can be an essential financial tool that allows users to build credible credit, earn money back and gain great perks, like purchase protection and insurance. However, carrying a poor credit balance can plunge you into massive debt.

“Credit card debt is very high-interest debt, typically in the neighbourhood of 20% or more,” said Scott Hannah, president and CEO of Credit Counselling Society in a report.

If you have a balance payment on your credit card, clearing it off can be a difficult task if you’re a low-income earner—or you’ve already incurred too much debt that after using a credit card payment calculator you know you’ll be unable to pay back.

However, no matter how terrible you think your current situation is, there’s always a way out that works best for you. With interest on loans compounding everyday, there’s little wonder why clearing a credit card debt is so difficult. In fact, according to MNP, an accounting firm, nearly half of all Canadians are less than $200 per month away from becoming financially insolvent.

Tackling credit card debt can seem quite tedious, especially with many people choosing to ignore the problem and just keep making the minimum payment. Here are some practical strategies you can take advantage of to effectively tackle credit card debt.

1. Gain a complete understanding of your debt problem

This starting point for anyone trying to get out of debt is to understand why you’re in debt, in the first place.

Critically examine all areas of your finances to determine if your expenses don’t match your finances or if it was due to an unforeseen circumstance such as a medical emergency. Whatever the case may be, it is very important to know the reason why you are in so much debt so you can effectively tackle the root cause.

2. Look into your spending habits

Typically, one quick way to stop yourself from running into credit card debt is to examine your spending habits. What are the things you spend your credit card on? Are they essentials or things that can be easily done away with?

According to Hannah, most people can only account for about 75 to 80 per cent of their monthly expenditures and the remaining gets blurry. It is important to track your expenditure—whether it’s an extra shot of drinks at the bar or a box of cereal from the supermarket. Knowing what you spend money on allows you to build a better financial strategy against debt.

3. Build a budget

Once you have a clear picture of what your monthly expenses are, building a budget becomes the most important step towards managing your income better. Having one central location for tracking both your income and expenses is great in curtailing unnecessary spending and getting you out of debt.

Your budget needs to contain all of your expenses incorporated from essentials like groceries, mortgage, medical care and insurance to others such as utilities. While most people struggle to stick to their budget, you can create some margin for flexibility to make it easier for you.

4. Increase your minimum payment

For most credit cards, the minimum payment is approximately 2 per cent of the last month’s balance. But therein lies the problem because if you consistently pay only the minimum, then the lump of that money goes straight to your interest and not the principal.

Paying some extra money every month would go a long way in helping you clear your credit card debt faster and reduce the compounding interest.

5. Ask for a lower rate

It is very possible to negotiate for a lower rate with your bank; only thing is, most people tend not to do so. If you find yourself struggling with paying back your credit card debt, you can reach out to your lender and ask them to offer you a lower rate.

Long-time customers who have a history of making timely payments have more advantage with getting their request approved.

6. Take advantage of a balance transfer promotion

In a bid to entice new customers, lenders run promotions periodically on balance transfers for their credit cards. Basically, these offers involve having a low-interest rate between 0 to 2 per cent for a limited period—usually between 6 to 10 months.

Always be on the lookout for a lender that offers the lowest rates and longest promotional period, which would give you enough time to clear your debt.

7. Switch to a low-interest credit card

Once you have critically examined your spending habit and created a budget, yet it is obvious that you will always carry over a credit card balance, then it is time to switch to a low-interest credit card.

While these types of credit cards usually have little perks, they are quite useful in wiping a couple of percentage points off your interest. Typically, rates on low-interest credit cards vary but they could be as low as half the interest on a regular card.

8. Begin an avalanche

The avalanche method is great for those who have a lot of debt with several creditors. This method means you’d make the minimum payments on all your existing debts and then add any extra income to the debt that has the highest interest rate.

Using the avalanche method allows you to reduce the interest paid while clearing multiple debts.

9. Use the debt snowball approach

Another debt repayment strategy that you should consider is the debt snowball method. In this strategy, you would focus on paying off your small debt first before moving to the larger ones—all whilst still paying the minimum on all other debt—regardless of interest rate.

10. Get an extra income source

Creating additional streams of income goes a long way in helping you clear your credit card debt. By finding a better paying job or choosing a good side hustle, you can easily put down more money towards your debt repayment.

There’s a lot of gigs you can offer today to raise extra money such as writing, graphic design, proofreading, teaching and programming.

11. Use a personal loan

If your credit card balance is quite high, paying it off using a personal loan may be very advantageous. While the interest rates on credit cards can be as high as 29 per cent, with a good credit score you can qualify for a personal loan at a lower rate.

The main advantage of using this strategy is being able to pay off multiple credit card debts and focus on making single but fixed monthly payments on the remaining loan. Also, you spend lesser money on interest costs and repaying the loan in instalment would boost your credit score.

12. Spend more cash

Despite being very valuable items, credit cards can quickly run you into massive debt when not used properly. If you already have some debt yet to be paid, it is better to spend more cash than accumulate more debt on your credit card.

Get a low-interest credit card but only use it in emergencies once you know there isn’t enough money in your bank account to pay off the accumulated debt.

‘Business as usual’ for Dorel Industries after terminating go-private deal

MONTREAL — Dorel Industries Inc. says it will continue to pursue its business strategy going forward after terminating an agreement to go private after discussions with shareholders.

« Moving ahead. Business as usual, » a spokesman for the company said in an email on Monday.

A group led by Cerberus Capital Management had previously agreed to buy outstanding shares of Dorel for $16 apiece, except for shares owned by the family that controls the company’s multiple-voting shares.

But Dorel chief executive Martin Schwartz said the Montreal-based maker of car seats, strollers, bicycles and home furniture pulled the plug on a deal on the eve of Tuesday’s special meeting after reviewing votes from shareholders.

“Independent shareholders have clearly expressed their confidence in Dorel’s future and the greater potential for Dorel as a public entity, » he said in a news release.

Dorel’s board of directors, with Martin Schwartz, Alan Schwartz, Jeffrey Schwartz and Jeff Segel recused, unanimously approved the deal’s termination upon the recommendation of a special committee.

The transaction required approval by two-thirds of the votes cast, and more than 50 per cent of the votes cast by non-family shareholders.

Schwartz said enhancing shareholder value remains a top priority while it stays focused on growing its brands, which include Schwinn and Mongoose bikes, Safety 1st-brand car seats and DHP Furniture.

Dorel said the move to end the go-private deal was mutual, despite the funds’ increased purchase price offer earlier this year.

It said there is no break fee applicable in this case.

Montreal-based investment firm Letko, Brosseau & Associates Inc. and San Diego’s Brandes Investment Partners LP, which together control more than 19 per cent of Dorel’s outstanding class B subordinate shares voiced their opposition to the amended offer, which was increased from the initial Nov. 2 offer of $14.50 per share.

« We believe that several minority shareholders shared our opinion, » said Letko vice-president Stephane Lebrun, during a phone interview.

« We are confident of the long-term potential of the company and we have confidence in the managers in place.”

Pandemic funds helping Montreal businesses build for a better tomorrow

Many entrepreneurs have had to tap into government loans during the pandemic, at first just to survive, but now some are using the money to better prepare their businesses for the post-COVID future.

One of those businesses is Del Friscos, a popular family restaurant in Dollard-des-Ormeaux that, like many Montreal-area restaurants, has had to adapt from a sit-down establishment to one that takes orders online for takeout or delivery.

“It was hard going from totally in-house seating,” said Del Friscos co-owner Terry Konstas. “We didn’t have an in-house delivery system, which we quickly added. There were so many of our employees that were laid off that wanted to work so we adapted to a delivery system and added platforms like Uber and DoorDash.”

Helping them through the transition were emergency grants and low-interest loans from the federal and provincial governments, some of which are directly administered by PME MTL, a non-profit business-development organization established to assist the island’s small and medium-sized businesses.

Konstas said he had never even heard of PME MTL until a customer told him about them and when he got in touch, he discovered there were many government programs available to help his business get through the downturn and build for the future. “They’ve been very helpful right from day one,” said Konstas.

“We used some of the funds to catch up on our suppliers and our rents, the part that wasn’t covered from the federal side, and we used some of it for our new virtual concepts,” he said, referring to a virtual kitchen model which the restaurant has since adopted.

The virtual kitchen lets them create completely different menu items from the casual American Italian dishes that Del Friscos is known for and market them under different restaurant brand names. Under the Prasinó Soup & Salad banner, they sell healthy Greek options and their Stallone’s Sub Shop brand offers hearty sandwiches, yet the food from both is created in the same Del Friscos kitchen.

Downtown Montreal office, retail vacancies continue to rise

Some of downtown Montreal’s key economic indicators are heading in the wrong direction.

Office and retail vacancies in the city’s central core continued to climb in the fourth quarter of 2020, according to a quarterly report released Thursday by the Urban Development Institute of Quebec and the Montréal Centre-Ville merchants association. The report, whose first edition was published in October, aims to paint a socio-economic picture of the downtown area.

The survey also found office space available for sublet had increased during the fourth quarter, which may foreshadow even more vacancies when leases expire. On the residential front, condo sales fell as new listings soared — a sign that the downtown area may be losing some of its appeal to homeowners.

“It’s impossible not to be preoccupied by the rapid increase in office vacancies,” Jean-Marc Fournier, the former Quebec politician who now heads the UDI, said Thursday in an interview.

Still, with COVID-19 vaccinations set to accelerate in the coming months, “the economic picture is bound to improve,” he said. “People will start returning downtown. It’s much too early to say the office market is going to disappear.”

Public health measures implemented since the start of the pandemic almost a year ago — such as caps on office capacity — have deprived downtown Montreal of more than 500,000 workers and students. A mere 4,163 university and CEGEP students attended in-person classes in the second quarter, the most recent period for which figures are available. Border closures and travel restrictions have also brought tourism to a standstill, hurting hotels and thousands of local businesses.

Seventy per cent of downtown workers carried out their professional activities at home more than three days a week during the fourth quarter, the report said, citing an online survey of 1,000 Montreal-area residents conducted last month.

Learjet, the private plane synonymous with the jet-set, nears end of runway

MONTREAL — Learjet, the sleek private jet used by celebrities for decades, is ending production this year, following a slump in demand due to competition from newer and less-expensive rivals.

Long before COVID-19 hit demand in 2020, the arrival of less-expensive similar-sized models from Embraer SA and Textron Inc’s Cessna eroded Learjet demand.

Created by American entrepreneur Bill Lear, the Learjet 23 first took off from Wichita, Kansas in 1963, forging a new market for modern business aircraft with owners like Frank Sinatra, while shattering speed records.

Some 3,000 Learjets, which seat up to nine passengers, have since taken to the skies with a bullet-shaped nose, capable of flying close to the speed of sound at Mach 0.81.

Bombardier, which acquired Learjet in 1990, said last week production would end this year. But it will service the plane, which accounts for about 42% of its in-service fleet of just under 5,000 business aircraft, according to JETNET data.

Learjet’s performance, described by some private pilots as the closest they’d ever get to flying a fighter jet, couldn’t beat rivals’ lower cost.

« Less equipped aircraft at smaller price points drove demand, » Bombardier spokesman Mark Masluch said.

Embraer’s Phenom, for example, listed for about $9 million, compared with a Learjet 75, at around $13 million.

« Customers want a nice Mercedes in that segment, but I don’t know if they want a Ferrari anymore, » said aerospace analyst Rolland Vincent, comparing Learjet to the Italian sports car.

Meanwhile, wealthy buyers increasingly sought larger-cabin jets, like General Dynamics Corp’s Gulfstream and Bombardier’s own Global series with showers, beds and ranges connecting far-flung cities without refueling.


Keeping older planes relevant through upgrades in an industry that covets the latest model is a useful lesson for planes like Bombardier’s Challenger 650, said Vincent.

Masluch said the 650 remains competitive in its market space and appeals to certain segments.

« It’s been a cash cow for them, » Vincent said of the 600 plane family which first flew in 1978. « But cash-cows have a way of getting fat. »

Bombardier’s plans for a larger Learjet 85, made of lightweight composites, didn’t materialize, ending in a $1.2 billion write-down in 2015.

Bombardier tried to compete on price in 2019, by launching the Liberty Learjet 75 at $9.9 million.

The plane nabbed an order as an air ambulance, a niche vocation for the Learjet.

Still, Learjet lost ground, with just 11 deliveries last year, compared with 112 deliveries in 2001, according to JETNET data and Bombardier.

« At the end of the day there were more current options out there, » said Guardian Jet managing partner Don Dwyer.

But the fast and sleek Learjet will always have its supporters, said Adam Twidell, chief executive at Private Fly.

The global booking service for charter flights still gets requests from passengers to « ‘keep my Lear waiting,' » he said.

Brivia Group announces the construction of Phase 2 of LB9 rental condo project

QUÉBEC CITY, Feb. 15, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – Building on the success of Phase 1, Brivia Group, a fast-growing Québec real estate developer and investor, is pleased to announce the start of construction of Phase 2 of LB9 rental project. Located in the Lebourgneuf sector, a stone’s throw from the Vidéotron Centre, the 15-storey, sleekly designed tower will be built in a booming neighbourhood.

« We are proud that this unique real estate project in Québec City region can expand and continue to contribute to the revitalization of the area, » said Mr. Kheng Ly, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Brivia Group. Québec City is undergoing a transformation with quality real estate projects like LB9 that stand out and integrate harmoniously into the urban landscape of the area through the exceptional quality of their architectural design. Brivia Group is pleased to be pursuing its development by participating in this dynamism and in the growth of the neighbourhood’s businesses. »

Similar to the first tower, completed in June 2020 and already 95% occupied, Brivia Group is once again offering architectural features that provide an exceptional view of the city.  Phase 2 of LB9 project will have 15 floors – three more than Phase 1 – and 218 apartments, including studios, 2½, 3½, 4½ and 5½. There will be well-furbished common areas including a fitness room, an indoor pool, a lounge and indoor parking.

The project is designed for a broad clientele looking for a semi-urban lifestyle in a natural environment close to services and major highways. The talented professional team of the project are from Québec City and Montréal, such as architect Jean-Pierre Bart, interior designer Jacques Bellemare and construction company TB4 inc. The building is expected to be delivered at the end of 2022.

With popcorn sales banned, some movie theatre owners say it’s not worth it to reopen

MONTREAL — Though Quebec’s movie theatres will soon be allowed to reopen, a ban on selling popcorn and another snacks has some owners questioning if it’s even worth it to have the show go on.

Mario Fortin, general manager of Rosemont’s Cinema Beaubien and Cinema du Parc, said he had his “fingers crossed, waiting for them to give us a little bit of a miracle” when he was first required to shut down in the fall. The news that theatres would be permitted to re-open for March break came as a relief, even with restrictions such as needing to close before curfew and limiting the number of customers. That was, until he learned on the ban on snack selling.

“They’re taking away a big part of our business that makes it important for us,” he said.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault said Thursday there will be financial compensation offered to make up for banning popcorn sales.

Guzzo Cinemas president Vincenzo Guzzo said the announcement came as a surprise to him as well. He anticipates many parents will avoid theatres if they can’t give their kids the full movie experience.

“It just doesn’t make sense. It’s like taking a child to an ice cream parlour and telling them they can only have the cone without the ice cream in it,” he said.

Aside from keeping audiences away, not being able to sell food also cuts into the bottom line. Theatres only take a portion of the money from each ticket sold and rely on the sale of popcorn, candy and soft drinks to stay afloat. Guzzo said if he can’t sell snacks, he won’t bother re-opening.

“If 50 per cent of your revenue comes from concessions, you’re now limited to only 50 per cent of box office revenue,” he said. “Once you look at the 55 to 60 per cent royalties we have to give, there’s no way that 20 per cent of our total revenue could ever compensate.”

Liberal MNA Andre Fortin said he was puzzled by the Legault government’s decision.

“I think the fact that popcorn be allowed or not is a discussion that needs to happen between government, public health and the movie theatre association,” he said. “But that discussion should have happened before the government put it out in public.”

“I’m very curious as to why theatres pose a threat and not cinemas, why certain activities were not re-instated,” said Parti Quebecois leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

Mario Fortin said despite the challenges, he still plans to re-open.

“We have to figure this all out. My accountant has been my best friend today.” 

These US entities partnered with the Wuhan Institute of Virology — time for a criminal investigation?

(Natural News) The Wuhan Institute of Virology from which the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is believed to have “escaped” has a number of questionable partnerships that are worth looking into in light of the pandemic.

Most of them are universities, including the University of Alabama, the University of North Texas, and Harvard University. There is also the EcoHealth Alliance, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the National Wildlife Federation.

While the relationships between these entities and the Wuhan Institute of Virology may be completely innocent, there is no way to really say for sure without a proper investigation. And this is exactly what Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is calling for, as is the nation of Australia.

Pompeo and the folks down under, along with millions of Americans, would really like to know the true origins of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). An increasing number of people simply are not buying the narrative that the novel virus originated in bat soup at a Chinese wet market, and this even includes mainstream media outlets like Fox News.

The only way to really determine what was going on at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and who else might have been involved. is to open the place up for an international investigation. But communist China is against this, of course, accusing Australia of “petty tricks” and collusion with the United States.

“Overnight, I saw comments from the Chinese Foreign Ministry talking about a course of activity with respect to Australia who had the temerity to ask for investigation,” Pompeo is quoted as saying in response to China’s aggression against a proposed investigation.

“Who in the world wouldn’t want an investigation of how this happened to the world?” he added.

As the U.S. aims to get back on track economically speaking, Pompeo believes that now is the time to hold communist China, the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and whoever else may have been involved accountable for unleashing this pandemic on the world.

“Not only American wealth, but the global economy’s devastation as a result of this virus,” Pompeo further stated. “There will be a time for this. We will get that timing right.”