Saskatchewan and Ottawa agree to spend more on addictions treatment


The federal and Saskatchewan governments have announced a partnership aimed at helping people struggling with addiction in the province.

The agreement provides more than $5 million in funding from the federal government.

The program will focus on improving access to treatment for people with « substance use disorders, » according to a release on the province’s website.

The money will support initiatives such as recruiting and training more health-care professionals qualified to provide opioid-substitution therapy, as well as training health-care providers to adjust treatment and care plans based on client needs and root causes of addiction, among other things.

The province has already invested $7.4 million to increase access to opioid substitution therapy, according to the release.

Earlier this month, Saskatchewan Health Minister Jim Reiter said there will be more funding for mental health and addictions services in the next budget, especially for more beds and improved wait times.


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