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In our series Office Crush, we’re asking people with the coolest jobs to take us to work. Up next, creative consultant Hawa Arsala lets us shadow her for a day of creative directing and journaling.

Hawa Arsala is always hustling. The freelance creative director has an eye for aesthetics and a drive for diversity, working with boldface names like Nike, Glossier, and Vogue España to bring underrepresented bodies into media’s foreground. It’s a task that demands authenticity, and Arsala looks at millennial culture with an eye that’s equally curious, curatorial, and critical. She currently works on thought leadership and experiential projects at Viacom
and manages her own media agency, Browntourage, which supports curatorial projects, brand collaborations, immersive media, and other endeavors with a socially conscious slant.

“I’m essentially juggling two almost-full time jobs right now but I’ll always try to find moments for self-care, whether it’s going to the gym or getting my monthly facial,” says Arsala. “I’m also trying to focus on more personal and community-based projects. The past two years have been a whirlwind of a landing in New York, and I’m ready to plant some seeds with the amazing creatives and thinkers I’ve met here.”

As a card-carrying member of the gig economy, it goes without saying that Arsala’s day is never the same. Her workspace shifts from Viacom’s Times Square offices to her own sunny Crown Heights apartment, but no matter the location, she’s fueled by a steady stream of music. With Fela Kuti in her ears and Andy Stott in the queue, she transitions from lunch meetings to Dharma talks without missing a beat. Here’s how Arsala does her day.


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