Dashcam video captures alleged road rage incident near Regina – Regina


A Balgonie, Sask. woman is speaking out after what appears to be a shocking case of road rage was caught on camera earlier this month.

Rheanna Dale says she was on her way home from work and had just passed a snow plow when she noticed a black Ford F150 following close behind and driving erratically.

“Being that he was swerving in and out of traffic I chose to stay in the passing lane, because I thought if I moved into the driving lane, he would swerve out and possibly hit me,” Dale said.

It happened around 4:00 p.m. on Highway 1 just east of Regina. Another driver captured the entire incident on their dashcam, which shows the truck abruptly pulling into the driving lane, swerving back into the passing lane and then ramming into Dale’s minivan.

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Road rage incident in downtown Toronto shows man jumping on hood of moving car

“He eventually pulled out around me and then when he came up beside me he swerved right into me and then took off,” Dale said. “All I know is that there were no break lights, he didn’t even make an attempt to stop.”

Luckily, Dale managed to avoid the ditch, but her vehicle sustained around $3,000 worth of damage.

“I’m really glad my children weren’t in the vehicle, they are two and six and would have been pretty traumatized by all of it,” Dale said.

During the incident, Dale wasn’t able to get a license plate so she posted the video to social media in an effort to find the driver.

Dashcam video shows car driver challenge semi on Manitoba highway

“I’m hoping that I can just find something and hopefully save someone else’s life down the road because it could have been way worse than it was,” Dale said.

At this point, no one has been able to get a license plate number, but RCMP says the incident was reported and they are aware of the video.


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Video captures city sander smashing into vehicles on southeast Calgary street


The city of Calgary is investigating after a sanding truck smashed into several vehicles early Monday morning.

The incident happened at around 1 a.m. on Legacy Village Way S.E. and was captured on home security video.

Local resident Josh Capps said his daughter heard some noise, so he ran out to the street to see what was the source of the commotion.

WATCH: Some Calgary residents woke up to a surprise Monday morning after a city sanding truck smashed into three vehicles. Carolyn Kury de Castillo reports.

Calgary woman says she was hit by car for defending the right to say no

He said he saw that his truck, a friend’s Jeep and a neighbour’s Honda Civic had been severely damaged.

“It was just unbelievable to see so much wreckage caused by one vehicle. I know they are heavy and full of sand and gravel but it was really quite unbelievable to see how many vehicles were involved,” Capps said.

Capps said he and some neighbours checked on the driver to make sure they weren’t injured.

“We had a brief conversation with the driver. Basically, it went ‘hey man are you all right?’ He said ‘yeah, just a bit shaken up.’ ” Capps said.


Capps said despite the damage he’s relieved no one was in the vehicles. He said his friends were in the Jeep just minutes before the crash.

“The second vehicle to get struck [was] a white Jeep Patriot that belongs to friends of ours who are staying with us,” Capps said. “They just got home [and] I could see the time stamp on the security footage and it was about six or seven minutes from them getting out of the car to the accident happening.”

“They have a one-year-old baby so it was mostly just a relief that everybody was OK.”

Calgary man nearly killed in crash at same location he was injured at in 2017

Bill Biensch, manager of road operations with the city, confirmed to Global News on Monday that it was a city sanding truck and the driver was not injured.

He said Calgary police and the city’s fleet department were at the scene and the investigation is ongoing.

Capps said he’s not impressed with the loss of his truck but is happy no one was injured.

“It is a crappy situation, especially this time of year with Christmas and New Year’s [for] that stuff to be taking place,” he said. “But we are definitely counting our blessings.”

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New Luka Magnotta book captures a mother’s unconditional love for a sadistic killer


Warning: Graphic details follow.

My Son, The Killer

Did Anna Yourkin — mother of Luka Magnotta — even resist going with that title for her recently published book, written with Brian Whitney?

For a woman who claims that she was sickened by trauma, crazed with anguish when her eldest child was arrested and ultimately convicted of first-degree murder in the sadistic sexual killing and dismemberment of international student Jun Lin; who, like her son, rails against the treatment the family suffered at the hands of predatory media — she’s certainly played the sensationalism card to push sales.

Subtitle: The Untold Story of Luka Magnotta and “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.”

Magnotta, né Eric Newman, was the porn actor, model and gay escort who hooked up with Lin on Craigslist, then turned their Montreal date into a crime of unimaginable horrors — raping his bound victim, stabbing Lin at least 55 times, committing unspeakable abominations upon the poor man’s corpse, cutting the body into pieces, playing with his decapitated head, masturbating himself with a severed limb, sodomizing the torso, and finally disposing of the remains in garbage bags and a suitcase. (Stopping in the lobby to primp and preen in front of a mirror).

No imagining required. Magnotta made a snuff video of the entire thing and uploaded the footage to a website specializing in gore, even marshalling online traffic by beating the promotional drum, under various handles, on other social media sites. That video was entitled “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick.”

Then, after mailing various body parts to political offices in Ottawa and two Vancouver schools, Magnotta jaunted off to Europe, arrested weeks later on an Interpol warrant at an internet café in Berlin, where he’d been eyeballing news coverage of the crime and the international manhunt.

In first-person chapters — alternating with Whitney chapters that include his prison interviews and written correspondence with Magnotta — Yourkin makes it clear that she loves her son unconditionally. A mother’s love can withstand anything. Although their closeness, as Yourkin recounts it, the co-birthday celebrations, the luxury vacations they took together as adults — she was only 16 when Luka was born — is rather creepy.

“Because of chance and choice, I have a son in my life whom I adore. I will stand by him, support, and protect him as long as there is breath in my body.”

Yourkin admits the poor choices she made in men, including the stepfather who physically and emotionally abused Luka. While coping with her violent partners, she clearly tried to do her best by her oddball son, always remaining in close contact. But nowhere does she even attempt to explain how Luka turned into a monster, apart from blaming various medical authorities for failing to properly diagnose and treat her son’s mental illnesses over the years. Yourkin is adamant Luca was never schizophrenic — the defence put forward at the three-month trial in 2014, in hopes of securing a “not criminally responsible” (NCR) verdict.

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The jury didn’t buy it anyway.

Like mother, like son, on that score.

“It’s very annoying,” Magnotta tells Whitney. “I never wanted anything to do with the NCR defence.”

Just a legal ploy, Magnotta insists, speaking for the first time since he was handed a life sentence for first-degree murder, indignity to a body and other charges, with no parole eligibility for 25 years.

“I have no mental illness whatsoever. I had to go with it, even though I didn’t want to, but my lawyers pressured me into it. I told the doctors I had no mental illness. Even now in prison I take no medications, but the lawyers said our only chance was to go with the NCR defence.

“I wish I didn’t do it. I wish I testified and told the story my way.”

Which doubtless would have been a load of lying rubbish.

Magnotta is adamant with Whitney that he never posted the snuff video. That was “Manny.”

The same “Manny” — no one has ever uncovered proof that he exists — who earlier had filmed Magnotta killing kittens and put that video online. (Animal rights activists were hunting him on the internet.)

The same “Manny” who cut him, spit on him, forced him to have sex with animals and threatened to kill him if he didn’t do his bidding.

The same “Manny” who kept calling Magnotta, who wanted a threesome with Lin, kept calling and calling the apartment on that “date night” and ordered Magnotta to turn on the webcam so he, Whitney writes, “could be a part of what was going on.”

The same Manny who, in Whitney’s as-told-to account, made Lin tie Magnotta up and then violently sexually assault him to the point that Magnotta sobbed.

There are no direct quotations about what happened next, doubtless because Magnotta has never admitted to the murder. But Whitney describes Magnotta as hearing voices in his head, even as “Manny,” on the phone, suggested Lin had put something in his drink, that maybe Lin is a government agent — look outside for cars with tinted windows.

Whitney writes: “He was scared. He was dizzy. He heard voices saying, ‘Kill him; he is an agent.’ Luka’s mind started racing. He blacked out. He felt something wet. He heard voices. They said, ‘Cut it.’ He felt sick. He threw up. Manny said, ‘I’ll handle everything.’ Luka was shaking all over. Manny told him to start throwing things away in the trash. Lin was on the bed with no arms and no legs.”

There has never been any convincing explanation for the why of what Magnotta did, beyond a general consensus of narcissism, his need to be famous, even if that hinged on a ghastly crime that included necrophilia and, apparently, cannibalism. (Magnotta slicing strips of flesh from his victim, seeming to be preparing to eat it.)

Magnotta: “I am frequently being portrayed as this fame-starved unstable person. This inaccurate spin could not be further from the truth. This label is getting old. The truth is I have never requested or participated in any interview with any media outlets in the last seven years. Hardly the act of someone addicted to attention…

“Other people’s opinions of me mean absolutely nothing. I ignore the noise that other people rant. The people who know me know Manny. So when idiots were not witness to the events and who weren’t even there give their opinion, who cares, they are completely irrelevant.”

Prison, Magnotta tells Whitney, is not so bad. “I’m outside the majority of the time; I play a lot of video games. We have movie nights. We all have our own TVs. I have painting class and I exercise a lot. I practice language studies. People need to be proud of their accomplishments. Know your value and share it with everyone.”

Last June, Magnotta married a fellow inmate, Anthony Jolin. Mom attended the wedding.

“It didn’t matter to me where the wedding was taking place, for to me it was a milestone in my son’s life, a day that mothers hope for. We always hope our children will find love and happiness and mine did.”

Rosie DiManno is a columnist based in Toronto covering sports and current affairs. Follow her on Twitter: @rdimanno


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Video captures newcomer children experiencing first Canadian snowfall in Toronto – Toronto


TORONTO – A woman who shared a video of two Eritrean children reacting gleefully to their first Canadian snowfall says the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the clip is reaffirming her faith in the country as a welcoming place for newcomers.

Rebecca Davies shot the video on Saturday, 48 hours after the children shown in it arrived in Canada with their mother and two siblings as privately sponsored refugees.

An inside look at Toronto’s ‘refugee hotel’ sheltering hundreds of asylum seekers

In the video, the seven-year-old girl and five-year-old boy twirl, dance and revel in the snow shower in the backyard of Davies’ Toronto-area home.

The clip has since garnered nearly 2 million views and been shared thousands of times on Twitter, often with accompanying hashtags and messages welcoming refugees in general and the children in particular.

Davies, who helped sponsor the Eritrean family through the private Ripple Refugee Project, says the video’s reception gives her hope.

Toronto to open 3 new shelters to tackle winter demand

She says she encounters racism and anti-immigrant sentiment in her work on behalf of refugees, but says the positive responses to the clip have left her feeling more confident about the society the family is eager to join.

“When a universal, lovely little vignette of kids playing in snow gets this kind of response, it gives me some hope for humanity,” she said in a telephone interview.

Davies said the Eritrean family landed in Toronto on Thursday, bringing an end to a lengthy saga.

She said the single mother fled the war-torn east-African country in 2013 and spent the next five years in a refugee camp in Sudan. Two of the four children who accompanied her to Canada were born in that camp, Davies said, adding all the kids are under the age of eight.

New Circle lets low-income Torontonians get warm winter clothing

The family’s first full day in Canada was marred by steady rain, limiting opportunities to explore Toronto, which they plan to call home. Conditions didn’t seem too promising on Saturday either, with high winds sending daytime temperatures plunging to near the freezing mark for the first time this season.

Davies said her family had tried to explain the concept of snow to the Eritrean newcomers. So when flakes began unexpectedly descending from the sky, she lost no time in pointing them out to the family.

The two youngest boys stared out the window in fascination, but the eldest boy and his sister appeared to run away after the first look outside.

“I was thinking, ‘where are the big guys? I would have thought this would have been magic,”‘ Davies said. “But then you hear them screaming up the stairs. They found the bag of various winter coats and boots that many people had donated to us, threw on anything, ran past us, opened the … patio door and just started twirling.”

‘I want to give back’: Toronto refugees and asylum seekers want voices heard

The video shows the beaming children exclaiming in delight and jumping around the small yard as the snow falls. The girl is seen spinning around with her face raised up to the sky as her brother jigs up and down. At one point, both put their hands out and watch the flakes land on their upturned palms.

Davies said the flurry didn’t last very long, but allowed enough time for her six-year-old daughter to teach her Eritrean playmates how to eat snow and gave all three a chance to have a mini snowball fight.

The video struck a chord on social media, where thousands of users liked, shared and exclaimed over the children’s obvious excitement.

Underpinning many of the messages were comments encouraging the family as they begin a new chapter on Canadian soil.

Snow possible for regions north of Toronto this week

“This is what life is all about. Children, new to Canada that have never seen snow, and embracing it in that magical way that children do,” wrote one Twitter user. “Welcome to Canada sweethearts! Your lives will hopefully be a beautiful journey.”

Davies said the children haven’t just confined their excitement to Canadian weather – they’re currently eager to enrol in a neighbourhood school and start going to class.


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