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New Year’s is the time of year when many look for a fresh start and to try and move on from the past.

That’s where Psychic Destiny — also know as Glenda Foster — comes in.

This, in fact, is her busy season, when she says her business is really booming. “Right now, this time of year, people tend to be a little heavy, a little bit depressed, in relationships, wondering where there relations are going,” Foster said.

“There’s just so much change that’s starting to happen to people. It’s more of an awakening, I will say.”

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Foster says she was born with the ability to tell peoples’ futures. She began fortune telling when she was about eight years old.

From a very young age, she had visions and images in her dreams, so she started telling others what she saw. They couldn’t believe what they heard, Foster said, and started to cry.

“I had one young girl that really didn’t know her dad and all she ever heard was the negative from her family,” Foster said. “I said to her, ‘Everybody has a path, be it good or bad, that they have to do on this life plain.’

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“So, from the other side,” Foster continued, “he was able to reach through to her and he told me his name. He told me all different things about him and the biggest thing is how much he loved her, that he didn’t know how to reach out to her, and now he can, that actually set that young girl free.”

Foster says the young girl went on to school, got married and found peace and happiness in her life.

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Psychic Destiny then channeled her inner voice to determine how 2019 looks for people.

“Abundance,” she said. “There’s just so much peace. I just see a lot of wonderful growth, a lot of study, and what I’ll say is just push ahead and be happy with and yourself and your surroundings and many wonderful things will open up for you this year.”

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