Ellen van Dusen’s Work Day Includes Fabric Swatches and a Lot of Custom Playlists | Healthyish


My day is a mix of answering emails, looking at fabric samples, talking to factories, and design stuff. I do most of my designing in Illustrator, and it’s constantly open on my computer, so I go back and forth a lot. Sometimes I’m deep in a design phase and I’ll spend all day working on stuff, and other times of year it’s more sporadic. I occasionally take time to go to the analog side of the studio, which is a no computer zone, to just draw and look at books and find inspiration, but that kind of time is a little tougher to get. I finished the home collection a couple months ago and now product is coming in so we’re a little more focused on that.

We have music playing eight hours a day, and if the vibe isn’t right, none of us can get any work done. Today we listened to a bunch of jazz, but we also listen to indie rock and older music like John Cale, Tom Waits, and a little bit of everything. We got really into making playlists on themes, so I just started my fall mix, which has everything from Lucinda WilliamsReason to Cry to Don’t Walk on the Kitchen Floor by Come On—my renovation theme song.


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