‘This will be their future’: Petitcodiac United Baptist Church opens new wing – New Brunswick


After two years, the Petitcodiac United Baptist Church has a new wing.

“Two years ago we were staring at a bill of around $400,000 just to clean up the oil spill so this didn’t seem like a possibility — at all. But God can do great things,” said pastor David Woodworth.

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In 2016, the historic, 137-year-old wing that served as the original sanctuary of the church was demolished because of an oil spill. But now, thanks to donations from the congregation and the support of Jean Irving, the church is bigger than ever.

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The new wing is equipped with a massive multipurpose room, a fitness centre and a new community space in the basement.

“We feel like we are more equipped with respect to our facilities, to serve in our community and carry out the mission that God has called us to out here in Petitcodiac,” Woodworth said of the updates.

“I personally look at it as if God removed something that was going to be a liability to us in the future and now he has established the facility of Petitcodiac church, hopefully for 137 years to come.”

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Leslie Gogan, who has been coming to the church for over 50 years, says she misses the old, historic space, but is excited by the possibilities the new addition brings.

“I’ve come to the point where I realized that I have those memories, that’s my past, but there’s a whole generation of people coming up, young kids, big kids, and this will be their future,” she said.

“This will be what they remember.”

The new wing is being celebrated Saturday evening and regular service, of course, happens Sunday.

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