Calgary orthodontists stepping up after patients allege they paid for services they didn’t receive – Calgary


The Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA&C) says it’s “aware of a disruption” at a Calgary orthodontist’s office that has drawn outcries online over services that were allegedly paid for but not completed.

In an email confirmed to Global News from late January, Dr. Richard Halpern writes to his patients that “for several personal reasons I am no longer able to provide you with orthodontic care.”

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On a number of online review sites, commenters who claim they were patients say they paid for services that were not finished by the time of that email and beyond.

“We understand patients have been given contradictory information and are understandably confused and frustrated,” read a statement from ADA&C CEO Dr. Randall Croutze.

“The ADA&C, along with the Alberta Society of Orthodontists (ASO), have reached out to the larger orthodontic community in Calgary and area to help provide resources for these patients, including being as accommodating as possible regarding treatment fees.”

When asked to provide his side of the situation, Dr. Halpern said he “cannot provide any comment.”

In an email, ASO President Greg Barnett said: “the most heartbreaking cases are the ones who have paid up front, or at least are done paying their contract, but still have braces on and require months of further treatment, retainers, etc.”

“Orthodontists are aware of this terrible situation and are jumping in to help,” Barnett’s email read.

“We understand the frustration and sense of panic patients are having and want to reassure them that the rest of the profession in Calgary and beyond is stepping up to help.”

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The ADA&C is advising any impacted patients to not postpone any treatment they need because of this incident. Halpern’s office will open again next Tuesday after the long weekend for patients to access their records.

Halpern’s late January email also states that patients would be left in the care of two other orthodontists, who told Global news in a statement that their “concern for the patients that would be left stranded required us to step in an interim basis to assess the unfortunate decision.”

The ADA&C is now working with “the orthodontists involved to ensure continuity of care for these patients, and that the integrity of patients’ records are upheld,” according to Croutze’s statement.

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Two victims of Quebec City mosque shooting receive medals for acts of courage – Montreal


Two victims of the Quebec City mosque shooting are among eight Quebecers being honoured Monday by the provincial government for their acts of courage.

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Medals were awarded to Aymen Derbali, who was left paralyzed from the waist down, and to Azzedine Soufiane, one of six men killed in the Jan 29, 2017 attack.

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The 57-year-old Soufiane managed to pounce on the gunman and overpower him for several seconds, but he died when the shooter broke free and fired his weapon.

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Derbali, who was hit by seven bullets, put himself in the line of fire in an effort to distract the shooter. He now uses a wheelchair.

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Alexandre Bissonnette, who is to be sentenced on Friday, has pleaded guilty to six counts of first-degree murder and six counts of attempted murder.

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Justice Minister Sonia LeBel presented the medals at a ceremony at the National Assembly.

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Olympic medallist Katelyn Osmond to receive Order of Newfoundland and Labrador


Figure skating champion Kaetlyn Osmond will be receiving the highest honour in her home province – the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Osmond left Marystown, N.L., for Edmonton at a young age, but her province and hometown continue to cheer for her, even re-naming the local arena after her in 2014.

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She and artist Christopher Pratt were among 10 people named today as recipients of the order, granted for “excellence and achievement” to former and current residents of the province.

They will be inducted at a Jan. 29 ceremony.

The Olympic bronze medallist and world figure skating champion was greeted with a parade when she visited Marystown in April, meeting with young skaters and performing at the arena.

WATCH: Olympic medallist Kaetlyn Osmond arrives back in Edmonton

Dominic Lundrigan was arena manager when Osmond first laced up her skates as a kid and he recalled an enthusiastic young athlete who always pushed herself to skate faster and jump higher.

Lundrigan called Osmond the “pride and pleasure” of the small town and said her visits always lift local residents’ spirits.


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Christie Pits school on lockdown after police receive reports of gunman inside


A Christie Pits school is on lockdown after Toronto police received a call there is a man with a gun inside.

Reports came in at 2:43 p.m. at West End Alternative School on Bloor St. W. near Christie St., police said.

Police are on scene searching for the suspect, and said no injuries have been reported.

The lockdown was ordered before the end of the school day, meaning students and faculty are still inside, TDSB spokesperson Ryan Bird said, adding he can’t confirm how many students are inside.

Under lockdown, students and teachers are locked into classrooms, the windows are shut and no one is allowed to roam freely within the building, according to police.

More to come.

Bianca Bharti is a breaking news reporter, working out of the Star’s radio room in Toronto. Follow her on Twitter: @biancabharti


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OPP receive parking spot in downtown Napanee to increase patrols – Kingston


Outside Napanee City Hall is a newly created parking spot for Ontario Provincial Police vehicles.

Napanee man gets final notice to remove trailers, homeless living on property

The Napanee Business Improvement Association (BIA) was concerned over the increasing number of visitors to the downtown area, especially with the Christmas season around the corner, so they approached the police about having a stronger presence.

“I was approached by the local BIA in downtown Napanee and they expressed an interest in seeing more foot patrol,” said Napanee OPP Detachment Cmdr. Scott Semple.

Napanee high school overdose investigation leads to arrest of teen: OPP

Now that the downtown reconstruction has concluded, it was the ideal time to create the easily accessible downtown spot for the officers’ patrolling, said the OPP.

The officers will park their cruiser in the spot on John Street near Market Square and either patrol the area on foot or on a bicycle which will be stored in city hall or another nearby building.

“The officer can park here, grab the bicycle and then do some bicycle patrol around the town,” said Semple.

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A local business owner supports the move to increase safety in the area.

“We really appreciate them being downtown and being business owners and part of the community — it makes us all feel safe,” said Mandy Arnold, owner of April’s Image.

If caught parking in the OPP’s designated spot, there will be a $50 fine.

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Saskatchewan Dragoons receive new guidon, Afghanistan Battle Honour


It’s a military tradition few will ever take part in.

For the first time in 48 years, the Saskatchewan Dragoons have had a new guidon consecrated.

“The guidon really is our most sacred possession,” Commanding Officer Major Gillian Dulle said. “It represents the sacrifices that soldiers that came before us from all of our units made.”

The guidon is a traditional military flag that symbolizes each regiment’s history and those who have served the unit.

It also bears a new honour recognizing the contributions of the Dragoons in the Afghanistan war.

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“I commanded convoys where we hauled men, materials and equipment all over a battle space,” Sgt. Jon Barth recalled. “We saw the entire war top to bottom. We re-supplied everybody and recovered all the vehicles that were damaged in combat or with IEDs.”

Creating the new Dragoons guidon took three years.

Cami Kepke / Global News

22 members were deployed several times between 2005 and 2014, with many present today.

“In the military we call ourselves a regimental family,” Dulle explained. “It’s not a normal job. There are sacrifices we have to make in this job that make it a lot harder to do then a lot of other jobs.  When we bring together the old guard and even the cadets and those who serve in the unit today, that is the regimental family that is represented in the guidon itself.”

It’s the first battle honour to be added to the Saskatchewan Dragoons’ guidon since the battle of the Valenciennes in World War I- which, coincidentally, happened a century ago this weekend.

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For now, the retired guidon will be preserved in storage. Veterans and current unit members hope to see it displayed at Moose Jaw city hall in a bid to preserve their past, present, and future.

“Our old guidon was with us my entire career,” Barth added. “I’ve been in 27 years now. To see the old guidon retired was actually an emotional event.”

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