Dog rescued from B.C.’s Coquihalla highway reunited with Albertan owner


It was a happy ending Sunday night as a dog found lost on the Coquihalla highway was reunited with his owner.

Archer, a black mastiff-cross, was found sitting cold and alone atop a snow bank near the Coquihalla summit on Friday by a road crew with VSA Highway Maintenance.

Carlie Holman, one of the workers that found Archer and who cared for him over the weekend, met up with Archer’s owner Tony, a trucker from Alberta, for the emotional reunion which was captured on video.

Tony can be seen getting out of his rig, squatting down, and calling “Archer” to the dog.

Owner of dog rescued from snowbank along Coquihalla located

The pup runs to him, wagging his tail before the driver stands up and says “thank you” to Holman.

The pair then embraces in a hug. Archer, not to be outdone, hops up on his hind legs to join in a three-way cuddle.

“It was quite the reunion, it was definitely tear-jerking for sure. Lots of kissing and hugging,” said Holman.

Holman said Archer’s owner reached out to her over Facebook on Sunday after seeing news stories and social media about the rescued 10-month-old pup.

WATCH: Dog found on the Coquihalla Highway reunited with his owner

He said Archer ran off on Tuesday after being struck by another truck in the Zopkios brake check around 8 p.m.

He searched for the dog for several hours and even returned on Wednesday before heading home to Alberta fearing he’d lost his dog forever.

Then the VSA crew stepped in.

VSA road foreman Ron Hagen said a plow driver spotted Archer atop a steep snow bank on Friday and called it in.

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Both Hagen and Holman drove down to see what was going on.

“The bank was so steep we had to get on the tailgate of the truck to get up on the bank,” Hagen said.

“This guy, he’s sitting there like he’s waiting for someone to come and get him. I got up to him and he growled a little bit.”

Not knowing if the 100-pound mastiff was friendly or not, Hagen went to get some gloves. But while he was gone, Holman managed to make a connection.

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“The tail started going, and he almost licked her to death to start with,” said Hagen.

The pair coaxed Archer down and into their truck, before taking him back to the VSA shop, where they fed him and gave him water and posted about the rescue on Facebook.

Holman then brought the dog home to care for him over the weekend while they searched for his owner.

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Finally, the connection came through — with Archer’s owner and the dog seeing each other for the first time in nearly a week by video chat.

“I showed the phone to Archer and they were talking to each other,” said Holman.

“Well not talking, obviously, the dog wasn’t — but that’s how they reunited, over the phone. And he was crying, and it was pretty amazing.”

Then Monday, the reunion — with Holman and her kids saying a sad goodbye to Archer, and waving him off as he and his owner got back on the long road home.

— With files from Kristen Robinson

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Man rescued after being buried up to his chest in east Toronto – Toronto


Toronto Fire Services says a man has been rescued after he was buried up to his chest while doing excavation work in the city’s east end Saturday afternoon.

Emergency crews received a call around 1:15 p.m. for reports of a man who had been buried on Sammon Avenue near Mortimer and Coxwell avenues.

Burn injuries of child found in east-end Toronto deemed accident: police

When authorities arrived on the scene, they located the man, who was buried up to his chest.

He was still breathing, and crews were able to get him out and stabilize him.

The man was treated at the scene.

Man dead after industrial accident at construction site in Toronto’s east end

Toronto fire Capt. Stephan Powell told Global News that it appears the man was doing plumbing work at the time and was excavating near the front porch of a house when the ground caved in.

The Ministry of Labour has been called in to investigate.

The home on which the man was working when he became buried. Toronto fire says he was digging in the front of the house.

Dave Kotyk / Global News

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Kingston man rescued from fire in vacant Princess Street building – Kingston


The old Gino’s Pizza building, which currently stands vacant, caught fire on Christmas Eve with one man trapped inside.

The man, trapped on the second floor of 557 Princess St., was quickly rescued by the Kingston Fire Department, which responded to the scene.

It took around four hours and 21 firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

Kingston’s fire department told Global News a device that looked like a giant wok was believed to have caused the fire and was possibly being used as a heating device.

The area surrounding the device was covered in exposed wood, which only fed the fire, eventually stripping the plumbing and wiring on the floor.

Abandoned building catches fire on Princess Street

The three-storey building, which once housed Gino’s Pizza, has been sitting vacant for years. The fire department says that homeless individuals are often found inside the structure, but they couldn’t confirm to Global News if the individual trapped in the blaze was a homeless person.

After being rescued, the man was taken to Kingston General Hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation but suffered no other injuries.

Kingston Fire and Rescue warn of phone calls in smoke alarm scam

There have been other fires at 557 Princess St, in the past, but Kingston police told Global News there is no evidence of criminal intent in this case and no further investigation will take place.

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Man rescued from collapsed B.C. pier says he wants to apologize for ‘foolishness’


The man who ended up on the wrong side of a crumbling pier during a « devastating, » deadly windstorm on Thursday says he wants to apologize for his « foolishness. »

Oren Perry, 42, was caught on the far end of the pier in White Rock, B.C., after it collapsed in the early afternoon. Waves churned by 90 km/h winds had ripped nearby boats from their moorings and sent them crashing into the century-old pier, beating against the wooden beams until they cracked apart.

Other people on the pier ran back to safety at the first signs of collapse, but Perry says he didn’t feel safe.

« Embarrassing. That’s about it, » he said of being the only one caught on the wrong side.

The mayor of White Rock said Thursday’s windstorm was the worst he’s seen in his 50 years as a city resident. Gales led to fallen trees across the province’s South Coast, killing one woman on Vancouver Island and knocking out power to tens of thousands of homes over the course of the day.

The 104-year-old pier was badly damaged in Thursday’s windstorm. (Submitted by Max McGratten)

Hopes to wait it out

Perry went to the beach with his wife and son around noon Thursday. They were storm-watching from the beach promenade, but Perry’s wife and son went inside a restaurant for a break when the weather worsened.

« The waves were a little bit too big for my son, who’s two, and he was nervous, » Perry said over the phone Friday.

Alone, he decided to walk down the pier to join the crowd watching the waves and boats — « the excitement of the storm, » he said, adding that he’s watched storms from the pier before.

Perry said it took a few « tries » before boats started to break through the beams holding up the 104-year-old pier.

« At first, I was stuck with some other people and it didn’t seem like it was safe enough to cross, and I thought, ‘Well, the storm is going to die down in about an hour and we’ll just wait it out,' » Perry said.

He said he walked further out to get away from the break. Meanwhile, RCMP were onshore shouting for people on the pier to sprint to safety.

Everyone did, except Perry.

« I guess the police showed up to encourage the other people to run through, but I didn’t know … then I wasn’t close enough to make it a make across in time, » he said. « It didn’t seem like it was safe enough to cross. »

Eventually, a section of the pier tore away from the rest and left a gap over the ocean.

A boat is battered by waves and is slammed into the White Rock pier, which was severely damaged during a windstorm on Thursday. (Darryl Dyck/Canadian Press)

Perry said he hoped to wait out the storm on the far end of the pier, but a Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter from Vancouver Island lifted him to shore just after 3:30 p.m.

« I just felt foolish. Especially with everybody watching onshore, » said Perry.

A person was airlifted to safety after getting stranded on a pier broken in two by a powerful storm. 0:47

« Shout-out to the first responders. They did a great job — all of them, » he added. « And I have to apologize to everybody for getting stuck out there. »

Oren Perry, in black, wraps his arm around his wife after being rescued from the end of the landmark pier in White Rock. (Tom Ewasiuk)

The pier was open when Perry walked across. RCMP shut down the area after the collapse and it remained closed Friday.


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Surviving Sun Yat-Sen koi rescued from marauding otter


Two surviving Sun Yat-Sen adult koi and hundreds of juveniles have been rescued from the garden pond where at least 10 of their koi companions have been scooped up and eaten by a wayward otter. 

Volunteers from AquaTerra Environmental, a company that specializes in fish salvage, and Vancouver park board staff dragged a 30-metre seine net through the pond this morning to corral the fish. 

Koi being prepared for transport to the Vancouver Aquarium. (AquaTerra Environmental)

« They were pretty easy to capture, » said AquaTerra principal Chris Lee. « We made a very wide pass and they were kind of swimming at their own leisure together. They were in good shape and there didn’t seem to be any overt signs of injury or stress. »

Lee said staff and volunteers were pleasantly surprised by the approximately 300 juvenile koi that were also rounded up in the half hour-long operation.

« That’s a nice spin on the story, that there’s going to be quite a few juveniles that will eventually grow and be able to take the place of some of these adults that have been preyed upon, » Lee said.

Volunteers from AquaTerra Environmental and Vancouver Park Board staff removed 2 adult koi and approximately 300 juvenile koi from the pond at Chinatown’s Sun Yat-Sen garden, saving them from the otter who has so far eaten 10 of the prized adult fish. (AquaTerra Environmental)

Park board and staff at the popular Chinatown park have been waging a losing battle against the otter intruder who moved in almost two weeks ago. Some of the prized koi are — or were — at least 50 years old, including a fish named Madonna whose fate is unknown.

The koi captured today have been moved to the Vancouver Aquarium for safe keeping, joining the one adult koi that was previously relocated.

Approximately 300 juvenile koi were also rounded up. (AquaTerra Environmental)

Efforts to live capture the otter are ongoing.

Lee said his company volunteered to conduct the koi rescue after hearing about the garden’s plight in the news.

AquaTerra specializes in removing and relocating live fish from bodies of water where work is being done.

The otter did not make an appearance during today’s rescue mission.


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Hiker rescued from trail on Peachland’s Pincushion Mountain


Emergency crews spent almost three hours attempting to bring an injured hiker down from a trail on Pinchushion Mountain near Peachland Saturday morning.

The 46-year-old woman had broken her ankle near the peak of the mountain, according to Central Okanagan Search and Rescue (COSAR), a location that is about an hour hike from the trail-head.

Search continues for missing Revelstoke senior

Peachland fire crews along with paramedics and volunteers from COSAR began their efforts to rescue the hiker before 8 a.m.

A request for a winch-equipped helicopter was approved, but air support was not available to assist.

A COSAR team assembled with an adaptive long-haul stretcher and hiked the trail to bring the woman down.

She was said to be hiking with two other young adults.

Rescue crews emphasize wearing the proper footwear on a hike is crucial to staying safe.

Pincushion Mountain hiking trails offers sweeping vistas over Okanagan Lake that are popular for photographers, especially on clear days like Saturday.

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Rescued meat dogs saved by former American Idol judge Simon Cowell


Simon Cowell, known as the former judge on America’s Got Talent and American Idol, donated $42,000 to the Humane Society International (HSI) to help save 200 dogs from a South Korean dog meat farm.  

Ninety of the dogs were temporarily sheltered this week at a Cambridge trucking company before being taken to another shelter in Montreal for rehabilitation, socialization and eventual adoption.

Ewa Demianowicz, a campaign manager for Humane Society International Canada, said Cowell donated money for this particular farm closure after hearing about the HSI project from the organization’s U.K. branch.

« They [U.K colleagues] were bringing some dogs back with them as well, » Demianowicz said. « Simon Cowell heard about the campaign and decided to support it. And this is great because it spreads the word about what is happening. »

This is the 13th dog meat farm in the last three years the HSI was instrumental in shutting down.

One of 90 dogs sheltered this week at a Cambridge trucking company. The dogs were transported Friday to a temporary shelter in Montreal for rehabilitation, socialization and eventual adoption. (Submitted photo: Mel Davidson)

Some pets still wearing collars

The almost 14 hour flight from South Korea was the first part of the dogs’ trip. Friday they were taken to Montreal where they will be receive veterinary care, then be rehabilitated, socialized and ultimately adopted. Another 110 dogs saved from the farm were sent directly to the U.K, the U. S. and the Netherlands.

Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International Canada was at the facility when the latest dogs were saved.

« Breeding dogs were crammed into miserable, filthy cages and the puppies were destined for brutal slaughter in the coming months, » Aldworth said in a statement. « It was clear that many of the dogs were former pets, with some still wearing collars. »

Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of Humane Society International/Canada, says dogs were crammed into miserable, filthy cages and the puppies were destined for « brutal slaughter. » (Joe Pavia/CBC)

Work to refocus farmers

This is the third farm this year closed by HSI, which also works with South Korean farmers to find another way to farm and make a living.

Ewa Demianowicz explained that someone working for HSI enters into a negotiation and offers financial compensation to the farmer to help them make a transition to find another line of farming that doesn’t involve animals.

« So for example: Blueberry farming, or water parsley farming. We had a farmer that once bought trucks and did water distribution in his community, » said Demianowicz.

« Part of the agreement is the condition that the animals currently on the farm are released to us. »

Information on adopting the dogs can be found on the HSI website.


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