Our Staff’s Favorite Healthyish Recipes of 2018 | Healthyish


Let’s admit that, on its own, cauliflower rice is…. watery fluff. If you season it with enough salt, it might be palatable, but the real move is to top it with Coconut-Turmeric Relish—my favorite Healthyish recipe of 2018 (and probably a sleeper hit?)—which makes it totally delicious and impossible to put down. « Relish » sounds like you’ll have to do a lot of chopping but, in reality, you mix lemon-pickled raisins with a flavor-jammed oil made with coconut flakes, garlic, chile, mustard seeds, and turmeric. It’s hot, sweet, earthy, crunchy, crispy—all the things! And while it’s great over cauli rice, I eat it over eggs, sautéed kale (splayed over lemony yogurt), savory oats, and roasted squash. Gimme! – Sarah Jampel, contributing editor


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