Upskirting victim launches website to flag hidden cameras across Toronto


Sydney Eatz and her friend, computer programmer Richard Trus, launched a website Monday that allows the public to flag hidden cameras spotted in washrooms and change rooms. allows users to submit anonymous tips about peeping Toms, hoping that if there are enough complaints about a particular business, others will be warned to steer clear of the establishment and the police will be forced to investigate.

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It’s a personal mission for Eatz, who said she was a victim of upskirting on the floor at a Google-sponsored event two years ago — and didn’t know it until she found a video of herself online.

“It was really horrible,” said Eatz. “I was really depressed and traumatized.”

Google chose not to comment to Global News on the alleged incident.

Man wanted for voyeurism after hidden camera found in Scarborough restaurant washroom (May 2018)

Eatz and Trus then began a mission to see how many people across the city may have been victims of upskirting and a quick search online gave them an idea.

“When you search on Google for Toronto hidden camera porn, you will find millions of videos. When you click on the results for Google, it will take you to porn sites and you will see places you recognize in Toronto,” said Trus. “We thought, oh my gosh, these people have no clue that they are basically being assaulted by someone and these repeat offenders are getting away with it.”

“It’s upsetting that a lot of these people can’t go to public washrooms or unisex washrooms and feel safe and have to check for cameras all the time,” said Eatz.

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Hans School, president of SpyTech, told Global News that part of the problem is that cameras are getting smaller and record in better quality. It’s easy enough to even purchase cameras that look like wall outlets online, he said, or you can make your own at home, sticking a small camera behind fake wall socket.

That’s exactly what happened at a Starbucks at the intersection of Yonge and King streets in downtown Toronto. When the coffee company got into hot water after it failed to notify the public right away that a wall-socket camera had been discovered under their bathroom sink, facing the toilet.

Hidden camera discovered in downtown Toronto Starbucks washroom (May 2018)

Eatz and Trus hope that their website gains enough traction to try and curb secret recordings in public washrooms.

“If nobody stops hidden camera porn, what’s going to happen is that you’re going to start videos of people that you know,” said Trus. “Sisters, mothers, aunts, anyone who has used a public washroom.”

“It’s not until it happens to you,” Eatz said. “Then you realize this is a big issue and needs to be tackled right away.”


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N.S. health authority hopes new recruitment website will help decrease doctor shortage  – Halifax


The Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) has launched a new physician recruitment website, with hopes of chipping away at the family doctor shortage facing the province.

The website was launched on Wednesday, using feedback from physicians about their decisions to work and live in Nova Scotia.

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The health authority says the site will make it easier for physicians and specialists to see available and future opportunities, as well as provides an “enhanced visual sales pitch” about what makes Nova Scotia a great place to practise medicine.

“A key element of recruiting health care providers is showing what our communities have to offer, from employment opportunities, to social and cultural experiences,” said Health Minister Randy Delorey in a statement.

“This is one more important step in our work to attract doctors.”

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As of Sept. 1, the wait list for a family doctor in Nova Scotia stood at 56,630 — a 3.1 per cent increase from August, despite 19,072 residents finding a primary-care provider. Last week, Doctors Nova Scotia released a position paper calling for physician reform in the province

Doctors Nova Scotia says more than half of physicians in Nova Scotia — approximately 1,210 doctors — are over the age of 50.

The health authority says the website will help attract out-of-province doctors by highlighting why fellow physicians decided to stay and work in Nova Scotia.

“We know that the main traffic on our site is people seeking career information. We started this site to build a better job board and, in the process, have provided much more content which we hope will help us initiate relationships with potential candidates,” said Grayson Fulmer, NSHA’s senior director of medical affairs, in a statement.

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The province has forecasted that it will need to recruit 1,070 physicians over the next eight to 10 years to fill spots as doctors retire.

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