Plywood smashes into car narrowly missing driver on Hwy. 410


A driver and his passenger are lucky to be alive after a piece of plywood smashed into their windshield on Highway 410.

Emergency crews responded to reports of a collision southbound at Queen on Highway 410 in Brampton around 4 p.m. on Wednesday.

« A loose piece of wood that was unsecured flew off another truck and struck another vehicle, » says Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.

Police are asking drivers to ensure any loads they’re carrying are strapped and properly secured. (OPP)

Tow truck driver Rawad Sawah ​extracted the wood from the windshield and tells CBC News the incident could’ve been a lot worse. 

« The plank fell right between the front seats of the car and it looked like it just missed the driver. I guess they got really lucky to not be seriously hurt, » Sawah said.

Paramedics transported a man and woman to hospital with minor injuries.

Police are asking drivers to ensure any loads they’re carrying are strapped and properly secured.


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