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How to Talk to Your Parents About Weed This Holiday Season | Healthyish



There are a few cardinal rules to surviving the holidays with your extended family: Dodge inquiries into your dating life, choose political debates wisely, and never talk about recreational drugs.

This holiday season, the latter may be impossible to avoid. With baby boomers becoming the fastest growing cannabis consumers, even if your pops isn’t hitting a vape, chances are he’s read a headline about it. With CBD proliferating across the wellness world and the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, older generations are letting go of stoner stereotypes and getting curious about weed 2.0.

But, kind of like that one Thanksgiving when you taught a masterclass on emojis, your relatives will need an education on cannabis as well. The internet is a confusing place to learn about weed, so here’s a handy guide to the most common questions you’ll get asked about this brave new weed world…and how to handle them.

Slow down, kid. Doesn’t weed just get you high?

Not all weed.

There are over 140 known compounds found in weed, and only one gets you high. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) intoxicates users by binding to receptors in your central nervous system. You can breed plants to have higher or lower THC levels, which is why some weed can get you really, really high—it’s been GMO’ed to be that way.

THC also affects appetite and may reduce inflammation, but it’s the other compounds in cannabis that may help regulate pain, treat acne, and reduce anxiety, no high included.

So what’s that trendy thing called? BSB? CBGB?

Cannabidiol a.k.a CBD is another abundant compound found in cannabis. CBD is also found in hemp, which has low levels of THC and is gray-area legal. (The FDA recently approved its use in one drug—Epidiolex.) Unlike THC, from what we know, CBD doesn’t bind to receptors in your central nervous system. Instead it interacts mostly with your CB2 receptors, which are found all over the body including the digestive tract, peripheral nervous system, epidermis, and immune cells.

While it won’t cure all your ills and file your tax returns, there are preliminary studies that indicate it helps with a host of things like pain, acne, and anxiety without the high. Combine that with it being technically legal in most states and you have the hottest trend in wellness.

But weed is still illegal, right?

It’s complicated. If you live in one of the nine recreationally legalized states, it’s legal. If you qualify for a medical condition in 30 states and get a medical card, it’s legal. If you’re in one of the 35 states that have a hemp pilot program, hemp-derived CBD is legal through your state’s hemp pilot program.

See? Very complicated.

Not if you’re in Canada. On October 17th, Canada became the first G7 country to legalize weed recreationally, meaning anyone who visits can buy it. Just make sure Uncle Ted doesn’t try to bring any back, because that’s a federal crime.

Is hemp the same as weed? And is that carton of hemp milk going to get me high?

The best way to think about hemp is that it’s cannabis that’s been bred to remove most of the THC. The U.S. government recognizes any cannabis plant that has less than .3% THC as industrial hemp. Currently, it’s gray-area legal but will be legalized federally soon as Mitch McConnell (yes that Mitch McConnell) is pushing a controversial farm bill.

If you’re in a legalized state for cannabis, we recommend buying CBD, THC, and anything that is cannabis-based from a dispensary, which is a state-licensed store that has purity standards. If you’re shopping for CBD on the unregulated hemp market, read this article.

Will I get addicted to weed? It’s so much stronger than when I was your age.

Based on the research we have, you won’t get addicted to CBD. THC does have addiction rates but they’re lower than alcohol and cigarettes.

If you’re wondering why weed is so much stronger, it’s because certain strains have been genetically modified to be that way. Much like you can breed corn to be pesticide-resistant, weed is just like any other agricultural product. Some strains have a lot of THC, some have very little. Age can also impact how you tolerate cannabis so, the older you get, the more careful you need to be.

If you want something milder than Girl Scout Cookies (google it), try strains and products that have higher CBD than THC levels. Ratios that are 1:1 CBD:THC or higher are a safe bet for a mild high. Strains like ACDC, Charlotte’s Web, Sweet and Sour Widow, or Stephen Hawking Kush (no lie) are all CBD-dominant or balanced strains that mitigate the impact of THC.

If you have a history of addiction, we recommend speaking with your doctor before experimenting with any cannabis strains.

What happens if I take too much CBD?

Unlike shots of tequila, CBD has a bell curve response rate. More CBD doesn’t mean stronger results. Everyone has their own “Goldilocks Zone,” and the only known side effect of taking too much CBD is drowsiness.

My back hurts. Will weed help?

For localized pain relief—aching muscles, sore joints—try a topical cannabis product. Topicals with THC can enter your bloodstream and make you high, so if you don’t want that, use a CBD topical instead. CBD on its own has been shown to help with inflammation. That being said, there is some research on mice showing full-spectrum (whole plant including at least some THC) as a more effective way to consume CBD. If you aren’t worried about trace amounts of THC, try the full-spectrum topical to see how you feel.

Smoking is bad for you!

We’ve come a long way from bong rips and roaches. You rub cannabis on your face and joints, slap on a transdermal patch, or take a tincture and hold it under your tongue. In other words, smoking isn’t the only way to feel the benefits of weed. The great thing about legalization? Better access to a wider range of products and more innovation.

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Give a Bon Appétit Gift Box, Become a Holiday Hero




Here’s a little unsolicited holiday advice from the Bon Appétit team to you: People care a lot about what you get them each holiday season. Sure, we all know that it’s the “thought that counts” and as long as your heart is “in the right place,” everything will work out fine. But really, that scratchy sweater your great aunt gave you? We didn’t think so. Instead, give Bon Appétit’s brand spankin’ new gift box and be the holiday hero your family and friends deserve.

People want gifts that keep on giving, and this one does—all the time. The box comes with a one-year subscription to Bon Appétit. We’re talking print AND digital, plus a bonus issue in the box, which means your cherished recipient never has to worry about missing out on the coolest new restaurants, the hottest trends, and the best new recipes BA has to offer.

The bundle also boasts a signature “Don’t Worry, Eat Happy” tote, a reusable Stasher silicone storage bag (popularized by a little ol’ tv show called Shark Tank!), and a stash of BA editors’ favorite cookie recipes. We’ve even gone the extra mile and included a cookie scoop and two Skor bars, aka the closest thing to a perfect pre-made English toffee you’ll find. This way, your recipient can get right to making our new Spiced Snickerdoodle Crunch Cookies and you can get right to eating them.

Who could say no to all of these goodies getting delivered to your door? Take our advice this holiday season and give the gifts people will truly want. And who knows, you might just end up with a few sweet treats for yourself.

What are you waiting for? Get gifting!

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The Minimalist Brussels Sprouts Thanksgiving Side with Maximalist Results




The quick-sautéed Brussels sprouts with walnuts that my family serves as a Thanksgiving side dish every year would surely not exist without support from the wonderful world of pro football. During the days leading up to the holiday, my dad, Frank Lalli, stations himself in front of the kitchen TV, paring knife in hand and pints of Brussels sprouts arranged around him, to begin what is known in my family as “The Brussels Prep.”

This painstaking process involves coring each tiny little cabbage and then separating the leaves so that they can be stir-fried over high heat in the minutes leading up to the Thanksgiving meal. Before that can happen, every leaf must be liberated from the rest, and it has to be done right. This drudgery is supposedly alleviated by a good college game, or at least that’s the theory. If Frank gets lazy or impatient and starts pulling the leaves off in clumps, or with pieces of the root attached, he will incur the loving wrath of one of the Lalli sisters (that would be me and my sister, Nina). We like our leaves fluffy. Because this laborious prep can be done days in advance, there’s at least some amount of balance to the whole affair. Yes, it’s a lot of vegetable butchery. But! It’s easy. And! You can do it on the Monday before T-Day. Plus! The dish itself takes minutes to prepare.

stir fried brussels sprouts

Photo by Michael Graydon

The more hands to help, the merrier.

I can’t remember when the Brussels first made an appearance on the menu. They’ve never not been there. Memories of all the years of making them have blurred together, a slo-mo flashback montage of Thanksgivings that took place in the kitchen of the house I grew up in, and the one my parents have lived in for the past 20 years, along with the cast-iron skillets that have been residents of both. The only thing that’s changed is the addition of some lemon zest and some lemon juice—a modern intervention on the classic presentation, and a move we might debate this year.

No matter how many pints Frank works his way through, there’s always just enough Brussels to go around the table once, bright green and crisp-tender, perfectly blistered and charred spots. Their preciousness—alongside an abundance of every other dish on the table—makes us covet them even more.

Get the recipe:


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Chile-Glazed Shallots Are an Ideal Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side




For a reason I’m still not totally sure of, I decided to host 20 of my closest friends at my apartment for Friendsgiving.

And cook everything myself.

Being the oldest child, being a stubborn taurus, and working at a food magazine all probably had something to do with it. Not only did I have four dishes to cook, but three vegetarians to please, a VERY tiny oven to manage, and no dishwasher to speak of. So when I saw Molly Baz’s new recipe for glazed shallots with chile and thyme, I knew I had to make these sweet and saucy, extremely hands-off, and totally make-ahead-able flavor bombs.

The awesome thing about this recipe is that the shallots get all glazy and wonderful by spending A LOT of time in the oven. Which meant while they were doing their thing, I could chop celery and crush almonds for Josh McFadden’s celery salad, and wash all of the inevitable dishes piling up in my sink. (Again, no dishwasher.)

To begin, I peeled enough shallots for a sprint to the bathroom for a quick cry sesh. (It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without one, TBH.) Then, I added butter to a skillet* (*Dutch oven because I didn’t have a free skillet with everything else cluttered on the stove) and let the shallots bathe in butter until they browned a bit. I added a few sprigs of thyme, red wine vinegar, water, sugar, and pepper. My local grocery store didn’t have red chiles, so I frantically texted Molly Baz (the benefits of working at said food magazine above) about what to replace them with: fresh jalapeño or dried serrano (since that’s what I had in my house). “Fresh jal! Or use dried red pepper flake,” she quickly responded. TYSM Moll, TYSM. I ended up using 2 tbsp of red pepper flakes, which was way too much and made the dish REAL spicy. Word of advice: use more like…1 tablespoon! But again, the magic of being able to control this dish is also controlling the spice level.

Then you pop that warm shallot kiddie pool into the oven for about 45 minutes. After the liquid reduced to a sticky glaze and the shallots got all tender and soft, I took them out and transferred them to a glass baking dish. I did this because I needed my Dutch oven to cook in, and because I knew I could gently reheat the shallots in the oven in the baking dish, and then serve them right from there. I know, I’m literally a genius. I also may or may not have had a note on my phone that broke down my cooking times, as well as cooking vessels minute by minute. I looked like this:


Anyways, these were a breeze to make, didn’t dirty an insane amount of dishes, and accommodated my veg pals. I plan on making them on days that aren’t just Thanksgiving, and will probably assign them to a friend to make next year, when we do Friendsgiving potluck style instead.

Get the Recipe:


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